Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashion Countdown: 83rd Annual Oscar Awards

 You guys have heard it all before, and if you follow me on Twitter you probably already know who my fashion faves were from the Oscars. Just in case you don't, here they are! My top 10 best & worst from the 83rd Annual Academy Awards red carpet...

10. Worst: Reese Witherspoon
So although she was apparently channeling Julia Roberts circa 2001, Reese Witherspoon's look didn't do it for me. I was not a fan of the high poofy ponytail. This look was way too "Barbie Goes to the Oscars" for me.
9. Best: Anne Hathaway
When does Anne Hathaway NOT look drop-dead gorgeous. Her looks are always so elegant and absolutely perfect. Rachel Zoe did an amazing job with her wardrobe changes throughout the show, as Anne was this year's host. I so would've appreciated seeing the Rachel Zoe Project make a special comeback just to showcase Zoe pulling Anne's Oscar looks together. Flawless.

 8. Worst: Florence Welch
What a travesty this red carpet look was. And it could've been a win, had it been in another color or a sexier silhouette. Ladies of paler skin tones should shy away from colors like this. This off-white/creme combination looks horrid against her complexion. And she looks like a milkmaid, yikes!

7. Best: Hillary Swank
Definitely one of my favorite looks of the night. This strapless Gucci gown on Hillary made her look like a million dollars baby, pun intended. I loved the sparkle up top and the texture down below. And the gown was tailored perfectly to accentuate her shape. I do wish she paired the look with a nice sparkly stud, though. That would've put the icing on the cake.

6. Worst: Helena Bonham Carter
This lady always looks ridiculous to me. I mean I know "The King's Speech" was the film she was nominated for, but Helena...the movie is over! Take off the costume and step out of the 19th Century, for Oscar's sake.

5. Best: Michelle Williams

I really thought Michelle Williams looked stunning in her white beaded Chanel gown. I think I was even more proud of her considering what a huge fail she was during the Golden Globes. This look was tailored perfectly to her petite shape. The hair looks absolutely gorgeous, and it just fits her so well.

4. Worst: Nicole Kidman
I don't care what anyone says, I stand behind my claim that Nicole Kidman's Dior look was a complete fail. I get what she was trying to do. I get that she likes to be two steps ahead. but this silhouette made her look like she had 5 hips! It just looked very uncomfortable and I wasn't a fan of the overall look. Poor House of Dior, first this tragedy then Galliano's nonsense. Le sigh...

3. Best: Halle Berry
Halle looked like a dream in this champagne Marchesa gown. Will this woman ever age? I thought it was a great classic shape in a fabric that could've gone totally wrong on anyone else, but on Halle it looks phenomenal.

2. Worst: Scarlett Johansonn

While Scarlett ended up on my "Best Dressed" list for the Golden Globes, she was a complete fail for me during the Oscars. I hated the color, loved the silhouette, but thought the whole transparent lace thing didn't translate well. And to top it off, she had bed head! Yikes, major fail. Scarlett doesn't always look good in scarlet, sadly.

1. Best: Mila Kunis 

My all-time favorite Oscars look has to go to Mila Kunis. I thought she looked absolutely flawless. This lavender Elie Saab gown made her look chic and effortlessly glamorous. I thought the sheer fabric was perfect, not too sheer but sultry enough to make a statement. The color gave her an angelic flair and the hair and makeup matched perfectly. An all around win in my book.

What did you guys think? Agree with my list? Soundoff below!

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  1. Agree on Mila Kunis!! But I actually sort of liked Reese's look, even though it was very Barbie-ish.

  2. Agree with your favorites, except Michelle Williams. I think she made the same mistake as Florence in choosing a color that washed her out. The bleach blonde hair, nude make up, and off white dress on her fair skin make this look very blah for me.

  3. Love your list! Loved Michelle Williams but I think I'm the only person who didn't like Mila's dress. It's pretty but I was bored and thought it was a similar silhouette to the McQueen dress she wore :/

  4. I liked Halle's dress, Jennifer Hudson looked amazing, as well as a few other people...that's all.

  5. I agreed with most of your list, especially Nicole Kidman...SMH. I loved Michelle Williams in that dress, she looked stunning, make-up and hair were flawless.

  6. Mila's dress amazingggg. Not a fan of Reese's dress but I loved her hair. I also thought Cate Blanchett looked amazing!!! Great post!