Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Drop The Dryer: Bantu Knot Out

So last week I introduced you guys to Nikita of My 12 Month Natural Hair Challenge! Here's her very first installation of "Drop The Dryer". Check out how she styles her Bantu Knot Out:

One of my favorite heat-free styles is the bantu knot-out. It's quick, easy, really cute, and maintainable for days at a time. I also like it because it is also a great way to retain moisture. I start my bantu knots by first creating twists with wet or damp hair.

I make about 15 twists (4 at the bottom, 5 in the row above that, 3 at the crown and 3 at the front) and then create a bantu knot out of each twist, which I then secure with a bobby pin. Tie a scarf on your head (I suggest satin or slik) and then put on a satin bonnet over that in case the scarf slips while you sleep. If you have your own hair securing method, please use what works for you.

The next morning, after showering (do not take your bantu knots out pre-shower!), Pull out each knot and separate the twist. Then separate each half into two halves. To get rid of the all of the parts, use your fingers to gently lift your roots (you can use a pick instead if you'd like) making sure to not pull your fingers all the way through.

It's nice and easy, and you can just moisturized with some jojoba oil and shea butter, re-twist and bantu knot at night for the same look the next day. Below are my results:

This style requires no heat, retains moisture and can easily have handbands, clips, and hats incorporated with it. Give it a try and let me know your results!!

- Nikita, My 12 Month Natural Hair Challenge

Have a cute heat-free style you want to share? Send us your pics at DropTheDryer@gmail.com!
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  1. your twist out looks amazing. I never do mine in bantu knots but i might try it after looking at how beautiful yours came out!

  2. Very cute! I love braid outs too.

  3. lord...it's so hot today and all i can think about is taking my weave out and twisting my hair up...Ugh! I can't wait and I've been dryer free with the exception of washing this weave and sitting under the dryer to prevent mildew.

  4. this looks SO great... I will have to try it even though I am not natural.


  5. I love bantu knot outs. Since I'm transitioning, this has been my "go-to" style. It just takes so long for my thick hair to dry, but the result is totally worth it


  6. Such a great alternative to blowing drying or using other heating elements.

  7. I just let my hair down for the first time and unfortunately it doesn't look nearly as good as yours.. To be fair, I've been growing my hair for just over a year after two decades of short haircuts and aside from the occasional corn rows all my hair has know is the afro.

    I love my fro, I was just looking for some variety, I guess I'll have to do this a few more times to train the grain of my hair