Friday, May 24, 2013

LBS Beauty: 3 Easy DIY Natural Hair Styles

So one of my daily favorites Refinery 29  posted a lovely slideshow featuring 3 super-easy and chic hairstyles for natural hair. Instructed by stylist Alana Williams of the Mirror Salon at Carol's Daughter in Harlem and modeled by natural stunner Natasha Gaspard of Mane Moves TV, there's a style in here for everyone from the easy, breezy classic puff to the vintage-style Victory roll, which gives me Janelle Monae vibes.

The trick to pulling off the three styles is to start with an old yet defined twist-out. It's the perfect foundation.

Aside from your favorite styling products, to achieve hese various looks you'll need sturdy hair pins to hold everything in place.

Would you try any of these styles?
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