Monday, May 2, 2011

Monoi Mondays: Week 1 - Monoi Repairing Conditioner

So as you guys know, last week I had the pleasure of attending the Carol's Daughter Monoi Collection Premiere at the flagship store in Harlem. Each of the attendees were gifted a bag of the Monoi goodies to take home and try out. One thing I like to do with new products is incorporate them into my hair regimen, one by one, to really get a feel for whether or not they're working. So for the first week, I kicked things off with the Repairing Conditioner.

The Monoi Repairing Conditioner was a natural starting point for me because part of my hair regimen includes "co-washing". Curly-kinky girls probably know what I'm referring to but it's basically rinsing the hair for clarity but instead of using shampoo, using conditioner as it helps condition the cuticles without drying. I do this in-between shampoos to keep the curls fresh. So I figured, why not co-wash with Monoi?

Here's what Carol's Daughter claims about the product:

  • Rich, creamy conditioner that’s lightweight enough to use every day. Works to keep your hair untangled so it can be snag free. Puts back your hair’s natural moisture so it’s softer to the touch. Helps condition on the inside and outside of your hair for complete care 

  • Monoi Oil intensely conditions your hair. Bamboo water, the strongest plant on our planet, helps to reinforce your hair’s structure. Pro-vitamin B5 helps to reconstruct your cuticle. PLUS, it has NO Parabens, Petroleum, Mineral Oil, or Artificial Color.


    Here's what I personally LOVED about the conditioner:

    The smell! My goodness, these products smell like heaven. That Tahition Tarie flower used to fragrance the oil is truly powerful. I literally coudn't stop sniffing

    The texture. I love thick conditioners! This one is thick and creamy. Those with coarse and extremely dry hair can appreciate this.

    The effect! My hair was super soft after using the Monoi conditioner. This conditioner could also double as a deep conditioner with a sit under the hooded dryer, or left on for 30 minutes plus. Gotta love a versatile product. Stay tuned next Monday as I'll be reviewing the shampoo + conditioner as a combo.

    The Monoi Collection is now available for Pre-Order at Carol's Daughter. Will you be purchasing?

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    1. You do realize that you don't have to leave conditioner on that long to "deep condition."