Thursday, December 30, 2010

Style Candy: 4 Ways to Rock New Year's Eve Attire

Tomorrow marks the official end of 2010 and the ushering in of a brand new year! Whether you'll be celebrating at a big city club or at a low key house party with friends, you want to look glam and ring in the New Year in style. Just in case you need inspiration, I've compiled a few chic looks for every type of diva out there...
New Year's Chic

  • Vintage Chic: The oldschool-obsessed would be remiss without sporting an NYE fashion staple - the sequined top! Just pair it with a leather mini and show-stopping heels for good measure.
  • Posh: Kickin' it uptown for New Year's? If so, you might want to opt for glitz and glam with a hint of sophistication. Neutral tones and sky high trendy pumps will do the trick. And don't forget your statement necklace - a must for the posh fashionista.
  • Downtown: If you're a no-fuss downtown diva who just likes to look fab with little effort, this look is for you. A simple sparkle top with leather shorts, sheer tights and platform heels makes for a comfy yet uber chic look to ring in the New Year. 
  • Glam: The last look is for the traditional diva who wants to go all out for NYE. Throw on a bright colored frock (you can also substitute the traditional sequined tube top dress), glitter pumps and diamond accessories. You'll be brighter than the ball dropping in Times Square. 
Enjoy the New Year's festivities and I'll see you lovelies in 2011!
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

LoveBrownSugar Chic: Turning Over A New Leaf

 So I don't have anything profound to say in this post. I just figured the title was appropriate given the ridiculous amount of leaves in this photoshoot, and the fact that 2011 is upon us...(sue me for being stereotypical!)

One thing I'd like to do more often in 2011 is recycle fashions. This hobo I'm holding was way in the back of my closet. I hadn't worn it in years. Then I rediscovered it and fell back in love. So here's a challenge for you fashionistas out there with a retail addiction similar to mine. Once a week starting in the New Year, reach way back in your closet and pull out just ONE item you haven't worn in a long time. And find a way to re-work it. You're guaranteed to stumble on some old gems...

Another thing I'd like to do more often is try out new, quirky trends that I otherwise would SMH at...

Case in point: the "Nerd" trend. I guess, considering I literally wore glasses from 5 years old until my sophomore year in college, I never saw the appeal of this trend. I used to hate my glasses. I even got teased for wearing them in elementary school. Now "four eyes" is a term of endearment? Fashion, I tell ya...

Tip: I picked up these little plastic spectacles at a local Five Below store. Don't splurge on trends. Go cheap until you're sure you love it!

And last but not least, I do solemnly swear to try out a few new photoshoot poses. This one's getting old!

What new leaves are you turning over before the New Year? Soundoff below!  

Jacket: Thrifted, Turtleneck: Thrifted, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Rouge. Jesus Piece: Forever 21. Ring: Pnk Elephant Accessories. Red Glasses: Five Below.

- Photography by Justified Photos
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25 Days of LoveBrownSugar: FINAL WINNERS!

Hey loves! Again I'd like to thank everyone for participating in my month-long giveaway. I hope you guys were able to win big! And just in case you didn't, I have plenty more giveaways coming your way in 2011. So don't you worry...

Congratulations to the following folks for winning prizes! Please email luvbrownsugar@gmail.com with your Name, Prize Won, and Mailing Address to claim your gifts. 
  •  Living Fly on a Dime for winning the Carol's Daughter Naughty & Nice Body Set. 
  •  it'sok2bu*nique* + Love for winning Gossip Girl Season 3 DVD.
  • Afia + Danah for winning Sex & The City 2 Movie on DVD.
  • _ambiziosa + thedlife + LoveNWright for winning Covergirl Queen Collection.
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Monday, December 27, 2010

LoveBrownSugar Feature: MASQUE Magazine

My lovely friends over at Masque Magazine were nice enough to feature yours truly and a few other blogger divas in their recap of Blogger's New Year's Resolutions for 2011. I know I said HERE that I wouldn't have any resolutions, but when they obliged, I couldn't turn them down! Here's what I had to say...
"To live 2011 for myself and God’s approval, and not for the approval of others. Oh, and to scratch at least 3 things off my bucket list."
Check out the full article including what the other bloggers had to say over at Masque Magazine...
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

25 Days of LoveBrownSugar: Day 25

 Merry Christmas everybody!! Thank you all SO much for going along this ride with me. I'm so happy and so blessed to have amazing readers like you who give me daily encouragement, leave me the best comments, and participate in my giveaways! I couldn't ask for anything more.

 To commemorate the lovely holiday season and to end this year's 1st Annual 25 Days of LoveBrownSugar, I'm giving away tons of goodies. Some of these are items I've been holding onto for today and other are extras that desperately need new homes before 2011. All are great, I promise...
So I gave one Gossip Girl Season 3 DVD away on Day 1. Well luckily two more winners will be taking it home. GG fans don't forget to comment.

Another popular DVD this holiday is definitely the Sex & The City 2 Movie DVD. I've got two more of these to give away as well. I can never get too much of Carrie, can you?

For all my brown-skinned divas out there, I have two concealers and one bronzer compact out of the Covergirl Queen Collection to giveaway. Leave a comment for your chance to win.

Special Thanks to everyone who has already signed up for LoveBrownSugar's Newsletter - you guys ROCK! If you haven't, there's still time. I'll be dishing out special updates and exclusive giveaways via the LoveBrownSugar Newsletter come 2011, so you won't want to miss out. Sign up HERE and good luck to everyone. If you've been a faithful commenter and you haven't won anything yet, I'll be looking out for you. You're appreciated.

Merry Christmas!
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Friday, December 24, 2010

25 Days of LoveBrownSugar: Day 24

So the month is definitely winding down and we're in the last 2 DAYS of 25 Days of LoveBrownSugar. Wow! I know you guys will be busy spending tomorrow with the family, but be sure to check in at 2PM for a giveaway extravaganza on Christmas Day! I'll be giving away tons of stuff. As in, all the gifts I have left that need to find new homes before 2011 ;)

Anyway, today's giveaway comes from one of my favorite brands, Carol's Daughter. She has a slew of amazing gift baskets for the holidays, for those of you out there doing last minute shopping. This one, the Naughty & Nice Body Set is the perfect gift. At a retail price of $28.50 it includes Ecstasy Body Cleansing Gel, Almond Cookie Shea Souffl√©, Sugar-Dipped Vanilla All Over Sheen, Hit-the-Spot Body Massager PLUS, it has NO Parabens, Petroleum, Mineral Oil or artificial color. 

You must Sign Up for LoveBrownSugar's Newsletter + Comment Below to win. Happy Christmas Eve!

Congratulations to JaNelle for winning the Slatkin & Co candle. Email luvbrownsugar@gmail.com to claim your prize.
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My Resolution? Not To Have Any...

 So a few weeks ago when I posted about ways to Turn Your Hobbies Into Hustles, I mentioned that I wasn't making any resolutions for 2011 and that I would explain my reasoning later. Well, here it is. I know this time of year is usually chock full of end-of-year countdowns and calls for action in 2011 and I think that's perfectly fine. However, this year, I'm challenging myself to stray away from making "resolutions" and instead to set myself up with actionable goals in 2011 that I can truly be held accountable for. At the top of the year, I'm used to setting myself up with a hefty list of resolutions. They normally go a little something like this:
I resolve to drop 20 pounds this year.
I resolve to get straight A's in all my classes (back when I was in high school/college).
I resolve to be a better person.
And on and on, you get the picture...
The Dictionary.com meaning behind a resolution is - the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc. The main issue with this method of thinking is that you can resolve that you're going to work towards something in 2011, but without an actionable goal and an action plan, you won't get very far! Here are three reasons you should set goals instead of resolutions...

1.  Goals put those resolutions into action. For example, the definition of a goal is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end. It's more definitive than a resolution. Instead of just saying "In 2011, I'm going to lose 20 pounds", I should set goals for myself. Example: "By February 2011, I want to be down 5 pounds, exercising regularly 3 times a week and eating as least 5 servings of fruits & veggies a day." Yeah, it's a lot more to process, but breaking down my overall goal into small actionable steps makes the whole process easier to implement and work towards.

2. Resolutions are a one-time declaration. Goals are an ongoing process. Everyone always raves about New Year's resolutions, but rarely do you hear people taking about mid-summer resolutions, or just "this current week" resolutions. With goals, you set the expectation that they should be re-evaluated and assessed every once in a while, AND you can set them at any time. Who says January 1st should be the only time you have perspective on things in your life you want to change? Success is an ongoing process that, to me, never ends until you die. There's always something new to learn or something greater to achieve. So don't fix yourself so heavily on setting goals ONLY in the beginning of the year. Be flexible!

3. Goals help you track your progress. This time next year, I want to be able to say I've accomplished something. With subjective resolutions like "I want to be a better person" or "I want to be organized", it will be very hard for me to actually measure what I've been able to accomplish. The smaller and more specific you make your goals/plans for the year, the easier it will be for you to track how well you've done. Try this. If you've already got your "resolutions" mapped out for the year, instead of taking them as-is, break each one down into at least three actionable goals and give yourself a deadline for each one. I guarantee by this time next year, you'll thank me! Enjoy your holiday and many blessings for the New Year.

Any goals for 2011? Share them below! I always enjoy being inspired by you guys.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

25 Days of LoveBrownSugar: Day 23

Today's 25 Days of LoveBrownSugar giveaway comes courtesy Slatkin & Co. candles. I'm giving away a lovely holiday scent. For all you peeps out there into home fragrance, or if you have a friends or family member infatuated with candles, this one's for you. Just sign up for LoveBrownSugar's Newsletter + comment below for your chance to win!

Congratulations to Yemayashimmy who won the Hair Rules giveaway. Please email me at luvbrownsugar@gmail.com to claim your prize.
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LoveBrownSugar Feature: Links A La Mode

I'm honored to announce I've been featured in this week's Links a La Mode over at IFB once again! This time for my post on Turning Hobbies into Hustles. Check out all the other lovely blogs featured this week...

links a la mode

Flash Forward

Edited by: Holier than Now

With mere days left in 2010, it's time to make that *other* holiday list and check it twice. Continuing last week's countdown to a beautiful new year, our favorite bloggers create a veritable "gift list" of tips, suggestions, and inspiration. In those lazy days before work and school start up again, peruse ways to end the holidays on a charitable note, own your own greatness, own less stuff, make more money, and build a better blog. It's enough to make you put down your hot chocolate and get started on 2011 already!

Links à la Mode: December 23rd

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

25 Days of LoveBrownSugar: Day 21

Today's 25 Days of LoveBrownSugar giveaway comes courtesy Hair Rules. This one is for the curly girls! The final step in your care and styling routine, this uniquely non-greasy finishing product keeps textured hair infused with essential moisture to keep curls soft, hydrated and shiny all day long. Just be sure to sign up for LoveBrownSugar’s Newsletter and Comment Below for your chance to win! 

Congratulations to Yumzi who won the surprise giveaway from yesterday. By popular demand via my Twitter folks, I've chosen this sparkly Forever 21 ring for you...

 Perfect for the holiday season and heart-shaped like LoveBrownSugar! Email me luvbrownsugar@gmail.com to claim your prize.
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Monday, December 20, 2010

25 Days of LoveBrownSugar: Day 20

 In the spirit of the Monday "not-so-fun-day" blues, I've decided to make today's giveaway super fun and a surprise for you guys and myself as well! I'll be out Christmas shopping this evening and the next giveaway will be a fun piece of jewelry that I find while out shopping in NYC. Follow me on Twitter OR 'Like' LoveBrownSugar on Facebook to follow along with my little shopping trip, which should begin around 6:30PM EST. I'll be taking votes from you guys on which item I should pick. Don't forget to Click HERE to sign up.for LoveBrownSugar's Newsletter + Comment below to be entered for it!

Congratulations to Jessica Civil who won the Ginger & Liz/Carol's Daughter sample pack and also to @Curly_BiNkY on Twitter for winning the Covergirl Queen Collection items. Please email luvbrownsugar@gmail.com to claim your prizes!
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LoveBrownSugar Chic: Over the Hills

So it's been a long while since I've done a style post. December has been super hectic and cold...to say the least. Photoshoots just aren't as fun in sub zero temperatures. Summer, I miss you. But with a little sunlight, and a warm fur...all is right with the world...

 So the symbolism in this photoshoot (there's always symbolism with me) is that these hills were pretty representative of my 2010. There were highs, lows and a slew of unpredictable, and sometimes unwanted fluctuations. Each day had its lesson and each lesson became a building block in my personal foundation...

I learned alot about forging my own paths and drawing my own conclusions. In 2011 I'm leaving behind all the judgments that people will inevitably have about me and of my life decisions. You can't sit around contemplating life. Your time is better spent just living it...
So I'm not usually one of those corny folk who quote rap lyrics in their blog posts but, as Drake would say "Everybody dies but not everybody lives". So don't waste your time these next few weeks plotting out New Year's resolutions you'll inevitably break or lose sight of by March. Set actionable goals and see where life takes you. If you wrap yourself up too much in the detail, you delay your destiny...

One of the greatest things about struggling to get over a hill is the moment you're on top. You see everything clearer. You feel a sense of accomplishment. And most important, you've learned what it takes to get to the top of the hill. So that if you ever end up at the bottom again, you have no problem getting back to the top.

I like to think of this little pumpkin as my future; bright, colorful and right in the palm of my hands.

Fur: Vintage, Pants: H&M, Shearling Wedges: H&M, Bag: Vintage Coach, Pearl Cluster Ring: Forever 21
- Photography by Justified Photos

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Friday, December 17, 2010

25 Days of LoveBrownSugar: Day 17

 Happy Friday everyone! Wow, time is really winding down. Only 8 days left in 25 Days of LoveBrownSugar. So I decided, since the Ginger & Liz giveaway earlier this week was so wildly successful, that I would dig into my own stash of goodies and give some more of their lovely product away...

Today's winner will get a nice little package of goodies including a sample size of "Who's The Boss?" - a Ginger & Liz limited edition winter colour - and a small bottle of Carol's Daughter Lemon & Jojoba Cuticle Oil. Just be sure to sign up for LoveBrownSugar’s Newsletter and Comment Below for your chance to win!

I wasn't able to gift anything on Day 16, so as an added bonus I'm doing a special Twitter-only Giveaway. I'm gifting a Covergirl beauty pack including a Covergirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Concealer + Bronzer Compact to one lucky LoveBrownSugar Twitter follower. Just tweet the hashtag #25DaysofLBS between now and Monday at 12AM EST to @LoveBrownSugar to be entered to win.

Both winners will be announced on Monday, December 20th.  Good luck!

Congratulations to Jen who won the Ambi Products giveaway yesterday. Email luvbrownsugar@gmail.com to claim your prize!
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

LoveBrownSugar Meets Kandi at Carol's Daughter

Last night at one of my favorite Uptown escapes – Carol’s Daughter Harlem – I had the pleasure of sitting down with the lovely Kandi Buruss. That’s right, acclaimed singer/songwriter, producer and reality star of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Buruss, sat down with yours truly for a little girl talk. Super sweet and down to earth, I had a blast chatting it up with the R&B songstress. Fresh off her official album release in Atlanta, the southern belle dished all the details about her favorite beauty products, her personal style and why she decided to ditch the red hair and opt for blond.  

Hint: Rihanna is involved. Take a look!

What do you guys think of her style? Absolutely loved her leather jacket! For more about Kandi's new album and her standing with the Real Housewives, check out my extensive Q&A for UPTOWN.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

25 Days of LoveBrownSugar: Day 15

Phew! Only 10 days left in this thing - I can't believe it! Today's 25 Days of LoveBrownSugar giveaway comes courtesy AMBI Skincare. I'm giving away two of their amazing skincare products to one lucky winner...

Just be sure to sign up for LoveBrownSugar’s Newsletter and Comment Below for your chance to win!

 Congratulations to "AnnieBug, bugger or BUG" for winning the Ginger & Liz prize pack from yesterday. I'm jealous! Email luvbrownsugar@gmail.com to claim your prize!
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LoveBrownSugar's Favorite Holiday Gift Guides

It's officially the holiday season! You know what that means? Time to shop! While I'd love to say I'm an expert on what to buy your favorite peeps this year, I won't lie. I need a little help deciding myself! This year, before you spend long tireless hours at the mall scouting the best digs for your loved ones, check out a few of LoveBrownSugar's Favorite Holiday Gift Guides around the web. There's a little something for everyone....

1. Our lovely friends over at LoweFactor have compiled a Women's Holiday Gift Guide for the uber chic lady on your list. With yellow suede pumps and YSL's Rouge Pur Couture making the cut, what more does a really lady need? Love it!

LoveBrownSugar's Fave Item: The Burberry Military Gloves. Buttery leather and on trend? Say no more.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

25 Days of LoveBrownSugar: Day 14

Today's giveaway comes straight from two of my favorite ladies: Ginger & Liz! They have been generous enough to give away a deluxe set featuring the following:

Mini Ginger + Liz Manicure Set & Four Piece Mini Set of the Ginger & Liz Limited Edition Holiday/Winter Colours

You guys know I go giddy over their Blowin' Money Fast. It has been my absolute favorite nail color this season!

And today everyone's a winner! Ginger & Liz are having a one-time-only EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT for friends & family. From 11am-11pm EST get 40% OFF purchases on www.gingerandliz.com with special code "POLISHED" at checkout...

Be sure to sign up for LoveBrownSugar’s Newsletter and Comment Below for your chance to win!

 Congratulations to Sharae for winning the Specific Beauty giveaway, and Whitney for winning the Peter Thomas Roth giveaway from yesterday. Please email luvbrownsugar@gmail.com to claim your prizes.
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Fierce or Foolish: Real Housewives Kandi Buruss & Lisa Wu Hartwell

I grabbed this pic of Kandi Buruss and Lisa Wu Hartwell of Real Housewives of Atlanta over at UPTOWN. Kandi hosted her album release party for her new album Kandi Koated last night in ATL. I'm loving Kandi's dress but still undecided about Lisa's fur. Hmm...

What's your verdict for these ladies? Fierce or Foolish? Soundoff below!
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Monday, December 13, 2010

25 Days of LoveBrownSugar: Day 13

Hey folks! So a few days ago I wasn't feeling too well and unfortunately when that happens, the blog suffers. I wasn't able to post a giveaway for Day 10 as promised BUT fortunately you're in for a treat. I'm hosting TWO giveaways!! See below for details... 

Giveaway #1: Specific Beauty Full Regimen Pack

Acclaimed dermatologist, Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd, introduces Specific Beauty, an innovative new skincare line specifically designed to address the most common cosmetic concern for “multi-hued” skin tones: hyperpigmentation.  This regimen includes five products formulated to be used together, resulting in a more even skin tone, improved skin texture and a complexion that is bright and radiant. 
Giveaway #2: Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Cream Cleanser 
As always, be sure to sign up for LoveBrownSugar’s Newsletter and Comment Below for your chance to win! Two lucky winners will be chosen by 12AM EST tonight. Good luck!

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In the Red: What's Yours?

Jessica White
I'm currently on the hunt for a new red lipstick for the holiday season. Though I love my L'Oreal Infallible Beyonce...

I'm ready for a little change. The L'Oreal Infallible line is amazing for long wear, but impossible to take off! Love the way that deep red looks on Jessica White above though. You guys have any suggestions for a fab red color? I've heard rumors of Ruby Woo via MAC Cosmetics but haven't tried it yet. 

Any faves? Soundoff below!

Image Source
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Celebs Shop: WIlliam Rast for Target in LA

Target is at it again with another intriguing designer collaboration. This time, they've roped in contemporary line William Rast, founded by Trace Ayla and Justin Timberlake, slated for release on December 19th. Here are some of the womenswear looks you can expect to see:

Over the weekend, Target invited a few friends of the line and VIP celebs to shop the William Rast line before its official premiere on the 19th. Cast members of Glee, Rachel Bilson, Joy Bryant and others came out to scour the line and pick out their faves in the collection...

Angela Weiss/Getty Images North America
 Loving Rachel Bilson's Brian Atwood pumps...

PictureGroup/Kristian Dowling
 From what I can see, I might be picking up a few pieces of my own once the line makes its debut.Will you be purchasing? If so, which pieces are you eyeing? Soundoff below!

For more info on the William Rast for Target line, check Target's Website.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

25 Days of LoveBrownSugar: Day 9

Hey loves! So sorry today's giveaway is going up late. I'm feeling SO under the weather today...

NYC's temparatures have been brutally cold so I'm currently stocking up on my fluids and vitamin C supplements. But no worries, freebies always make me feel better! 

 Today's giveaway is actually going to be Facebook-only and you'll be eligible only by following LoveBrownSugar on Facebook as well as signing up for the Newsletter and leaving a comment on the post. Check out the Facebook page to see what the giveaway is today.Winner will be announced tomorrow - good luck!

Congrats to Pharoah's Angel who won the Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Cream yesterday. Please email luvbrownsugar@gmail.com to claim your prize!
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

25 Days of LoveBrownSugar: Day 8

We’re now in Day 8 of 25 Days of LoveBrownSugar! Today’s gift comes courtesy of Peter Thomas Roth. They have an amazing line of innovative wrinkle fighting products that are formulated with an exclusive, patent-pending blend of six powerful, active wrinkle relaxing and anti-aging ingredients. The Unwrinkle Cream comes at a retail value of $110.00. Make sure you sign up for LoveBrownSugar’s Newsletter and Comment Below for your chance to win. 

Congratulations to LBS reader KellztheDiva of The K Spot who won the Sex & The City Movie 2 DVD from yesterday! Please email luvbrownsugar@gmail.com to claim your prize.
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Ask LBS: Turning Hobbies into Hustles

So lately I've been receiving a ton of questions from lovely readers like yourselves. Just a disclaimer, I'm not an expert in anything (yet) but I'm learning as I go along in this life. With that said, I'll be answering all the questions I get to the best of my ability. I even started a Formspring - Ask LoveBrownSugar - for Q&A! In the meantime, here's an interesting question I received recently...

Reader Lish asked,

I do have a question for you. I am slightly addicted to shopping and in this day and age everyone has small "hustles" here and there. In what way can I make my shopping and love for fashion and style into something that could become lucrative? 

With the pocket-draining holidays coming up, I’m imagining many of us will be in search of some lucrative side hustles once the new year begins. You know those inevitable New Year’s resolutions like: “I resolve to save money” or “I resolve to tap into my inner talents” etc. Here’s where the side hustles come in. In this day and age, it’s important to have your eggs in more than one basket. With unemployment running rampant and  layoffs happening everyday, it’s always a plus to diversify your portfolio and find ways to turn something you love into something that loves you back, monetary-wise.

Here are 5 different personality types, and ways to easily turn things you love into lucrative side jobs with little time and without sacrificing too much effort (or money)...

The Photographer

Nikole, MoptopMaven
Got your hands on a DSLR? The door is wide open for opportunity. If you've always loved photography and you finally got your hands on a professional camera, or if you've been technically trained but never had a chance to explore options - you can do it. Start off small with family events and private parties. Eventually, with a little word of mouth and an impressive portfolio, you can expand your scope and start up a small side job. The important thing is that you tap into people in your immediate network and branch out from there. For example, new families are always looking for photos. Find out who, in your immediate network, just had a baby and get to clicking! By this time next year you could be the go-to photog for holiday portraits.

Bonus Tip: If you have the ability, camp out outside of the tents at Fashion Week! Score contact info from a top editor you snapped a shot of, and you're golden.

The Stylist
Celebrity Stylist, June Ambrose
 “Girl, where do you find this stuff?”, “You have such great style!”. “You need to take me shopping.” – any of these phrases sound familiar? You must be the stylista of the crew. Ever have people stop you on the street and ask about your clothes, or friends who always ask you to take them shopping? Take them up on the offer! With a simple website and an inviting Craigslist ad, you too can have a budding personal stylist business going in your area. Start off doing it for friends, take lots of pictures and get testimonials from all your buddies on how great you took care of them. Once you have that, spend a little time developing a professional-looking site and you’ve got yourself a small business doing what you're already good at.

The Writer
Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & The City
You majored in journalism and/or communications and deep down inside, that’s your true passion. What are you waiting for? The amazing thing about this new digitally-driven world is that absolutely anybody with a little dedication and beginners tech-savvy can get their name out there and make an impression. How do you think LoveBrownSugar was born? There are amazing outlets for you to personally express what you feel is important via an online journal like a blog or even websites especially designed for guest posts like the Examiner. Don't be shy. Pitch ideas to publications you love, go to networking events in your area and intropduce yourself to industry folk, and just have fun exploring ways you can make your writing lucrative. Hell, write a book! I plan to one of these days...

The Social Butterfly
Left: Genevieve Jones, NY Socialite (kissing Damon Dash)
 You’ve always been amazing at making new friends. When you speak, people listen. They trust you. So what are you doing with a rolodex full of contacts and the know-how and savvy to sell just about anything to anyone? Freelance PR, that’s what!  Though public relations is overly glamorized in the eyes of today’s public (especially with TV characters like Samantha of Sex & The City representing the bunch) PR isn’t as hard to break into as people assume, especially if you’re doing it on a small scale. Let’s make this clear, you won’t be going from representing your little sister to representing Janet Jackson overnight. It just won’t happen. What you can do though, while you’re working on Janet, is represent small clients, from family and friends starting up small businesses or launching new public careers, or local talent that might need help. Again, Craigslist is your friend. You'd be surprised what launching a Twitter or Facebook accounts for someone can do.Educate yourself at sites like PRWeek and MediaBistro before you dive in head first!

The Fitness Guru
Celebrity Trainer, Jeanette Jenkins
You go to the gym religiously 5 times a week. You can run 5 miles in 15 minutes flat. Ansd you’re the friend that everyone wants to look like. “Girl, I wish I had calves like yours,"or "How do you get your arms so lean?”. If you have a knack for fitness, there is no reason at all you shouldn’t be getting paid for it. Though many private gyms don't allow personal training sessions outside of the professional training sessions they offer, there are no limitations on offering personal fitness consultations in-home, over the phone or online. With the holiday season coming to a close and the New Year upon us, you can bet you'll have plenty of potential clients come January 1st.

So Lish, here's my long exhaustive response to your question. What do you guys think? Any side hustles I forgot to include? Comment below - help a sister out!
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