Thursday, January 28, 2010

All I Want For My Birthday...

Hey all! It's my birthday and I'm happily turning 21...again (lol)! All I want for my birthday is to be FAB for life. In my work, my hobbies, my relationships, love and especially on LoveBrownSugar. I hope you're down to take the ride with me - much love and thanks for all the birthday wishes!
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What In the Hot Hell???

Amber, I'm disappointed....when did it become ok to walk around in a nude bodysuit and a ripped stocking draped over your body? Somebody tell me....Fierce or Foolish?
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Style Inspiration: Get Me Bodied

Gearing up for my birthday next week! I'm currently inspired by all things glittering, sequinned and fab. What do you think? The gold bustier is SO not me...but it's my bday and I'm grown! Let's just say I'm turning "21"this year...

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Adventures with Ralph the Russian Fur: Baby Love

This has nothing to do with fashion, but I thought I would give you guys a peek into my past weekend. I spent MLK weekend in the DC/MD area with my family. And of course, Ralph came along for the ride. Well it seems I'm not the only one who likes him....

My nephew Justice, 7 months - isn't he cute?

More with Ralph coming soon!
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cover Girls: Kelly Rowland Alter Ego Photoshoot

Kelly Rowland recently did an Alter Ego photoshoot with Derek Blanks. Here, I'm assuming she portrays the working woman of the 50's and then the pinup girl - cute.

She took a few glam shots as well:

It seems all the black stars somehow end up in the hands of Derek Blanks for one of these photoshoots. Well, Derek, when's mine?!

Here's some Behind the Scenes footage from the shoot:
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Fashion Countdown: Golden Globe Awards 2010

The stars were out in full effect last night for the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Props and shouts out to my favorite winner of the night and the first to win an award - Mo'Nique. She won Best Supporting Actress for her role in "Precious" and she looked absolutely stunning on the runway. So let's start with her shall we?

Monique was shining and beautiful on the red carpet of the Golden Globes in her Reem Accra gown. I thought the shape was so flattering for her figure. I loved the strapless and draped effect. Hair and makeup were on point. G'head girl!

I was expecting so much from Zoe Saldana as she's been on my best dressed celeb list for a while now. But this Louis Vuitton gown was not doing it for me. It looks like she got caught up in the garbage disposal...too many shreds and not enough structure. Still a gorgeous girl tho...

So yall already know how I feel about Mariah's ensembles. It's always the same ole thing with Mariah; short, tight or shiny....enough Ms. Carey. We all love a good form-fitting Herve Leger silhouette, but let's be honest girl - this just doesn't fit. Period. Too much boob and she has a preggers pouch!

Fergie, this dress is adorable. I just wish it was strapless and I wish you had thrown on some glitzy jewels to take it over the edge. Other than that, gorge!

I was in love with Drew's Versace Atelier dress until she turned to the other side and revealed a horrendous diamond tumor protruding from her right hip. Hmmm....not sure what the idea was behind that piece. However, the sparkling shoulder and the nude gown were a winner for me!

Kate Hudson was the best-dressed diva of the night in my opinion. Her white Marchesa dress was OVAHH...loved it! And I even love that she strayed away from doing the typical statement necklace because her dress was a statement all it's own.

Chloe Sevigny always makes me smile with her fashion-forward 'fits. I love the ruffles and the chiffon but I'm undecided about the overall look. Is it too much? Hmm...

Now, Tina Fey, I know you tell jokes for a living...PLEASE tell me this is a joke as well. She looks like Mary Poppins! And the shoes too? Stop it. right. now.

I love this color on Ginnifer Goodwin but I'm not in love with the silhouette. I think it swallows her up no? I think if the shape was a little more fitted around the bottom, I would love it.

 Who was Fierce and who was Foolish? Let me know below!

Image Source 1
Image Source 2 
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Forever 21 Spring 2010 Lookbook

The theme for Forever 21's Spring 2010 line seems to be florals, brights and stripes - all wonderful prints and colors to get excited about for spring!

Fath 21, their plus size line, is included in the bunch as well...

 The mesh bustier top is a keeper for sure - really versatile. And I love a good animal print cardigan...

They mixed stripes and floral for these looks. Unexpected but somehow it works...

I'll be stocking up on accessories per usual - best way to update your staple pieces without investing in a whole new wardrobe...

Forever 21 updates a classic like a white button up with puff sleeves - cute.

Again, I can't wait to break out my skirts and neon cardigans. Just a few more months...

Image Source
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cover Girls: Rihanna Covers W Magazine


I'm not blown away by this shoot but Rihanna does look amazing...I love the mesh fingerless gloves they use and Rihanna looks fit per usual. I'm almost over the whole edgy, bad girl look on Rih Rih at this point. Is it getting old for anyone else? Soundoff: Fierce or Foolish?

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PSA: Help Haiti

Taking a break from my regularly scheduled programming to appeal to everyone who hasn't already had the chance to donate. By now, we've all seen the images on TV or saw the aftermath videos online. We've tweeted and facebooked about it, but have you donated yet? If not, there are multiple opportunities to do so:

You can donate through Wyclef Jean's YELE foundation by texting through your phone or by online donation...

 You can also give a gift through the American Red Cross organization. (That's where I donated)

I hope you take the time out to help! It's a sad week for those in Haiti, those who have friends & family there and those who are somehow connected to people affected. Keep them in your prayers...
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Style Inspiration: Studette Noir

Black, studded and beautiful...just like me. And I DIE for the platform boots. Whoo chile!

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Shameless Promotion: Cute on Coins (Nicole Richie)

My "Cute on Coins" column features Nicole Richie this week. I really wish I could've found something that looks exactly like her dress but I got the closet thing I could find! This dress is actually from her own clothing line called Winter Kate premiering in the spring. Can't wait to see it!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cover Girls: Lady Gaga in Lace for 944 Magazine

 Confirmation that lace is always in...

I've grown to looove Lady Gaga and her outrageous style. Fierce or Foolish?
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Topshop Spring 2010 Trend Forecast

Topshop did something really interesting this year. Instead of doing the typical Spring Lookbook release by collection, they did trend forecasts to show off the new goods. I thought it was a great idea and I agree with many of their trends, so I thought I'd bring it to you guys to judge! You like?

I love the look and feel of harem pants like these but I can never seem to pull them off! Maybe in 2010...on that Ciara workout plan.

Petticoats for spring? That'll work. There will inevitably still be some chill in the air...at least in NYC.

So feminine - I don't think lace ever really goes out of style.

Channeling the 20's vibe...nice to see this trend is still going strong.

I'm not sure I'll be following suit with this trend right here. I already have alot going on around the rump so I need to stick with basic colors lol

Wooden heels yall...NOT wooden clogs. Keep your Amsterdam souvenir clogs in the closet. Challenge: finding a pair that are comfy!

More spring trend updates to come. In the mean time, which one of these is your fave?

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Fashion Highlights: People's Choice Awards

Looking back on the People's Choice Awards looks from last week, there were a few interesting pieces worthy of highlighting. Let me know if you agree:

This silver Antonio Berardi brocade dress looks absolutely stunning on Jessica Alba. But does anyone else think she's disappearing? Don't tell us you need to eat a sandwich too Jessica....just go on ahead and take
yourself to Subway.

I think this was my fave look of the night. Mary J. Blige delights with this gorgeous Gucci piece. What makes me giddy is the embellishment on the shoulder. So unexpected, so chic...

Ms. Latifah hosted the Awards show and she looked absolutely stunning. Props go out to her camp for always keeping her in tip-top shape. She's always adorned in somethng figure-flattering....love it!

Form-fitting and bedazzled...we've come to expect this from Mariah, no? Time for something different honey...

Taraji looks very classy and ladylike in this one-shouldered piece. It's a little safe though, no? And I'm not a huge fan of the color but at least she's put together...

I must applaud Ginnifer Goodwin for being quirky and cute as a button at the same time. The dress goes along with her overall steaze, which I think is adorable. Not everybody could pull off that cut...

I have one word for this...FAIL. What was she thinking?? I can't...

Vote for your best-dressed pick in the poll!

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Introducing...Adventures with Ralph the Russian Fur

Everybody has it - an obsession. Something you instantly fall in love with that you can't ever seem to let go. Real fashionistas have a new obsession every season. An accessory they undoubtedly match up with every outfit in every way possible. In the summer it's that perfect pair of embellished thong sandals. In the Fall it's that buttery soft leather jacket. In the spring, that vintage floral scarf or those Ray-Bans that perfectly compliment your basics. Well, this winter my new obsession has a name - and he shall be called...Ralph. Ever since I saw his distant cousin sitting atop my best friend Jasmine's head, I knew I had to find one just like him. So I searched...and 3 hours later, in the bin of an H&M dressing room, I found him. Curled up, lonely, waiting to be rescued. Ever since his rescue 3 days ago, we've been inseparable:

Ralph and I, the first day we met.
Since my digital camera broke last month, I've been reduced to snapshots via my Blackberry (another obsession but that's another story). As soon as I save up enough for the Nikon I want, style posts will come. For now, bare with me...

Deneesha & I in the dressing room at H&M
One of my best buds Deneesha over at That's Random decided to adopt along with me. Now we both have (faux) furry buddies to go home and play with.

Day 2 - Ralph Visits the Office
So of course I had to introduce Ralph to my day job. He paid a visit to the Honey offices for the first time. And yes, I kept him on all day, even though I was indoors. That's how much he means to me. Clearly I was too rushed this morning to throw on makeup...which is why healthy skin is so important! I moisturized, slapped on some lip balm and kept it moving. Here are some skincare products I swear by:

1. Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser, 2.  Olay Complete Moisturizer w/ SPF, 3. Olay Definity Pore Redefining Scrub

Night 2 - Ralph and I Fierce in Deep Red
I have never been a supporter of red lips. I've always been the bubbly pink lipgloss girl that thought lipstick was for old biddies. Well, I've been proven wrong by the fly makeup lady at Sephora in Times Sq. She recommended this Sephora brand glossy lipstick for me and I love it! After Ralph and I kicked back with our PJs and "thinking spectacles" on, we decided I should do deep red nails to match.

 Sephora Brand Lip Attitude Glamour in Charming Violet, $12

Stay tuned for more adventures with Ralph...it's gonna be a cold winter!

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