Monday, April 30, 2012

LoveBrownSugar Event: Shop & Swap

Calling all NYC fashionistas! Tomorrow evening, myself and a few of my fellow curvy bloggers are throwing the shopping bash of the season!

Join us for a chic Shop & Swap event where myself, Gabi of Gabifresh.com, Ty of GorgeousinGrey, Alissa of StylishCurves, Nicolette Mason, Nadia Abhoulhosn, and Kellie of Fatshion Insider will be selling and swapping from our coveted closets.

There will be an open bar, special guests, prizes and giveaways so you do NOT want to miss it!

RSVP to info@fatshioninsider.com and look for me inside! I'll be selling clothes, shoes, jewelry and more. Bring CASH and plan to shop til' you drop.

See you tomorrow!

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Friday, April 27, 2012

My Big Break & 3 Life Lessons

Happy Friday everyone! I'm back and better than ever. It's amazing what time away can do for your outlook and perspective. At the end of March, I decided to take an unprecedented hiatus from my blog and from my social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Yeah, I know. What was I thinking right? Well before you assume that I just fled the blogosphere and never looked back, let me explain.

In all my 3 years since LoveBrownSugar's inception in July 2009, I've never taken a blog break. My decision to take a break was ultimately a combination of exhaustion, lack of motivation and confusion. Between my site not yielding the results I really wanted, to my disappointment with the way the online publishing industry is functioning, to my anger at brands and individuals who continuously take advantage of bloggers like myself, I decided a hiatus was in order. This combination of feelings plus added personal stresses led me to step away from the keyboard to really think, evaluate and rediscover why it is I do what I do. It may be hard to understand, but us bloggers really put alot on the line each time we blog. We're putting our hearts, souls, insecurities, our shortcomings and everything in between on a page for you all to look at, evaluate and judge. And at times, it can be taxing. And if you're not careful, you can start to question what your purpose is.

Even if you're not a blogger, have you ever felt these feelings about your life? You know, those "Why am I here? Why me?" feelings that you just can't shake. If you've never felt like that before, it can be really scary. I'm writing this post, not as an excuse for stepping away from my site for a while but as motivation for anyone else who may be feeling the way I was almost a month ago. Here are three important lessons I learned during my time off:

1. It Gets Better.

When you're going through something, whether it be emotional issues, physical pain in your body, problems at work or home, relationship problems, it's important to remember that trouble won't last. Even though, in your current situation, it might seem like all hope is lost or that your suffering is insurmountable, just remember that things always get better. Ever heard the phrase "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning"? There are no truer words. Whatever you're going through, remember that it will be short-lived. And that you will come out of it 100x stronger than you came in. Take a second right now and reflect on all the hard times in your life up until this point. And even after all that, you're still here right? See.

2. Be Quiet & Listen.

I do alot of talking. I always have. I was the girl who came home from grade school with A's but with a small note from the teacher "Talks too much in class!" next to my grade. Giving presentations were always my strong suit because I'm not scared of crowds. It's inevitable then, that I've emerged as a social media specialist by profession and that I make my living writing, tweeting, and essentially talking (in some way, shape or form), all the time. But sometimes life situations call for you to sit back and listen. Whether it be listening to advice from your friends/fam about what you should do, or listening to your Higher Power about what direction you should take in life, quiet time is always necessary. Because true direction comes to people who have their ears open and their mouths closed.

3. Count Your Blessings.

Before you assume your situation is the worst it could possibly be, take a second to really think about all you have going for you. Literally count your blessings. Pull out a sheet of paper and list all the things that are wrong in life on one side, and all the things that are great on the other. 9 times out of 10, the good will outweigh the bad. Don't forget to list things like "I'm breathing" and "I can see" on there. People tend to forget that things we take for granted, others have to live without. This exercise will undoubtedly give you perspective. Regardless of what you're going through, you're blessed. Never forget that.

Now I know this post isn't about fashion or beauty or shoes or the Knowles family, like my normal posts (yes I'm obsessed with all these things). But I strive to always be completely honest with you guys about my life and what I love. I hope these lessons are ones that you guys can use in your own lives. Because aside from style, we all need a little inspiration now and again.
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