Monday, August 31, 2009

Updates: Solange's Shaved Saga Continues...

Well, I gotta hand it to Solange. Even though I'm still not a fan of the shaved hair look, she's been working her look to the max lately. Please believe an edgy outfit can make those doubtful haircuts look FIERCE. Saw some pics of her over at Fashionbomb and I have to give credit where its due. The girl is working it.

Here she is in NYC at Qtip's Tribute to Michael Jackson:

Its crazy and eclectic but it works! The tights are shiny - yes, she's wearing excessive fringe - yes and her heels are neon - yes. But somehow...she pulls it off.

What do you think? FIERCE or FOOLISH?
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Daytime Emmys: Fashion Countdown

The 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards took place yesterday at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angelels. Well you all know how I do! I've seen the outfits and made an assessment of my Top 8 Best & Worst. Here they are:


Tyra Banks in Rachel Roy

Although I wish Tyra had put a little something extra on her neckline to complement this coral dress, I do adore the one-shoulder style and the color looks great on her. I would've opted for a dressier shoe as well. These pumps are better suited for the office.


Wendy Williams in Marc Bower

Although I LOVE the color and the cinched waist of this dress, it's doing NOTHING for her boobs! I'm all about accentuating your assests and all, but this is TOO much. A severely cinched waist only makes for larger-appearing boobs. Wendy, wendy...tone that down. More fab, less drag!


Jenny Garth in Issa

I love how she's channeling the old Holywood look with the wavy hair and simple yet elegant lines of the gown....very pretty.


Tatyana Ali

So this silhouette looks great on Tatynana Ali, however this print right here isn't doing anything for me. Are those eyes peering at me?? Too much going on...


Nadia Bjorlin

This dress is sultry yet still sophisticated. Clearly not for the faint of heart. I love the emphasis on the jeweled neckline. And the draping jewels at the back? Nice touch.


Me no likey...it looks like she took the bottom part of this gown straight from her grandmother's old couch. It might have been more tolerable as a cocktail dress. But I'm not a fan of this print...


Lara Spencer

I really love the detailing in the ruffled shoulder and the red waist belt. This dress fits really well and she didn't overdo it with hair or accessories. Well done Lara.


Kate Linder

Hmmm....I think this one speaks for itself. MESS!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Rihanna Updates: Best & Worst This Week

I haven't done much on Rihanna lately so let's just make this her day since all my interesting posts today seem to revolve around her. I've come across a few of her outfits this week. Gorgeous as usual...

In fact, I didn't think I'd see this day that I really don't like one of RiRi's looks, but in fact that day has come:

Love the skirt, love the shoes. HATE the hat...and the top doesn't match the skirt at all! Hmmm...did you see your stylist today, dear?

Fierce or Foolish?
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More Reasons I LOVE Italian Vogue

Shout to my girl ShaSha over at That's Random for keeping me updated with these amazing fashion magazine covers. Most recent obsession, Rihanna for Italian Vogue:

There are so many creative elements to this cover. Rihanna has this robotic quality, like she's not human here. I love covers that make me think. If I don't feel compelled to stare for longer than 30 seconds, its not a good cover...

Fierce or Foolish?
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birthdays All Around: Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer celebrated her Sweet 16 this past weekend in L.A. From the pictures, she seems to have had an amazing time. Her party was appropriately prom-themed and she had a gorgeous prom gown to match:

I love the one shoulder, the color and the cinched draping...so pretty!

Among other young celebrities was Keke's good friend Lil' Mama who performed at the venue as well. Needless to say, Lil' Mama was looking a mess but surprisingly LESS of a mess than usual...

Speaking of hot messes, this is Keke dancing with her daddy for the traditional father-daughter dance. What's up with the plaid pimp suit??

Anyway, I think Keke was so elegant and beautiful in her ball gown. In true diva fashion, she changed clothes halfway through and her 2nd dress was an 80's prom look-alike complete with tutu skirt.

Looks like she had a great time!
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blake Lively & Maria Sharapova at Tiffany's & Co.

Tiffany & Co and InStyle hosted a celebration on Wednesday night in honor of Maria Sharapova and Frank Gehry. As a spokesmodel for Tiffany's, Blake Lively also came out and she looked absolutely gorgeous in hjer Kate Moss for TopShop dress and Jimmy Choo stilettos:

Wednesday was also Blake's birthday, so she had 2 reasons to get glamorous! And can we talk about Maria's printed ChloƩ dress and suede Cole Haan ankle booties? FIERCE!!

I struggle to decided which outfit I like best. I might have to give the award to Maria. I love that print and I need those shoes in my life!
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Fashion's Night Out: September 10th

For those of you lovelies who will be in NYC on September 10th, don't miss out on the event everyone in Fashion is talking about: Fashion's Night Out! Organized by Vogue, the CFDA and NYC & Company as well as a host of designers & fashion insiders - this event was organized as a stimulus for the Fall fashion season as well as the kickoff to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

To combat the current lack of spending due to these tough recession times, over 700 retailers have opted to stay open as late as 11PM for budding shoppers. Not only can you shop till the late hour, but you will also have the opportunity to run into celebrities, party with designers and engage in a number of fashionably glam activities organized by these different retailers.

Liya Kebede for Fashion's Night Out

For a complete list of the activities as well as a list of retailers that will be selling the Fashion's Night Out T-shirts (40% of the profits will be going towards the National Sept. 11th Memorial & Museum fund) - click HERE.

Stay tuned for an update on all the best events going on that night. I'm going to compile a nice, full itinerary once all the events are finalized and all celebrities confirmed. In the meantime, peep the star-studded PSA as well as some more FNO footage below...

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Zoe Saldana for Vanity Fair

This past weekend I spent a good amount of time walking around the streets of Harlem and scouting out my next potential uptown neighborhood of residence. I got to thinking about all the great things that have come out of Harlem- the people, the culture, the Renaissance, my Mom (she grew up there). I adore the subtle cultural elements of Harlem, like it's distinct architecture and just the overall livelihood of the area. I started thinking about how cool it would be to do a photoshoot there.

Well soon after the thought ran across my mind, I came across these beautiful photos from Vanity Fair's September Issue! It features Zoe Saldana channeling the feel of the roaring 20's. I LOVE shoots like these. Zoe looks gorgeous, her outfits are impeccable, and who wouldn't want to have handsome black men dressed in SHARP attire as props??

This last one reminds me of that famous picture by Art Kane "A Great Day in Harlem", only there's only one female in the picture. I LOVE the men's attire...SHARP!

A Great Day in Harlem, Art Kane

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Style Icon: Aaliyah's Legacy

As today marks the 8 year anniversary of Aaliyah's tragic death, people across the nation are paying tribute to the fallen songstress. My tribute to her this year is a salute to her style, her fashion & the strong statement she left for all to remember. She was truly "More than a Woman"...

Aaliyah was one of the first divas to master the art of "Tomboy" glamour. One of the only artists I know that could pull off looking absolutely stunning in baggy jeans and a cropped top:

As far as beauty is concerned, she was the ultimate advocate for the side-swooped bangs! You know you all begged your mamas to let you wear the side-swooped bangs. And when you finally got 'em, you could only see out of one eye for the whole day, but you looked cute!!

Aaliyah was rarely caught in public without a firey red or deep mahoganey lip. She truly mastered the deep colored lip look...

We miss you Aaliyah...R.I.P.

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Nike Gladiator Sneaks??

So I ran across a new product as I was catching up on my blogs. Nitrolicious posted yesterday about this new product out of the Nike Factory - gladiator sandal-sneakers! Supposedly, an Art Center College student named Nancy Wu designed these bad boys for Nike. Her design was chosen and voila! The design is called the Nike Gladiateur Mid. At first glance, I thought they were atrocious:

Who would dare mix these two VERY different styles of shoe - sneakers AND gladiator flats? I thought that was doing too much...

But then, I saw pics of Ms. Nitrolicious wearing a pair of the Nike gladiators she recently purchased for herself. And they're actually pretty cute on the foot!

That just goes to show that you have to try stuff on before you make judgments. I might have to try these on in-store to convince myself that I need them. On one hand they mix comfort and style, which is something we all strive for in one product right? But then again...Nike fashion shoes? Might have to get over the idea that they're Nike first...

If you're interested you can purchase a pair at Zappos - they're $84.00
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Friday, August 21, 2009

September Issue Premiere Highlights

So I'm sure you guys remember my excited post about the upcoming premiere of September Issue - the long awaited documentary about Anna Wintour and the work that goes into making the coveted September edition of the magazine. Well on Wednesday evening the premiere was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and there were a few notable fashionistas present:

The two ladies of the night: Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour and Sept. 07 covergirl Sienna Miller

Anna Wintour in a Prada printed dress - she's so fab.

I LOVED Donna Karen's jumpsuit. I wonder if it was her own? The gladiator sandals and silver bangles were a very chic addition...2 thumbs up for DK in this look.
Though I'm not a huge fan of Cassie, her jumpsuit was on point and the pink nails were very cute. Its chic, but still girly.

Two of my absolute favorite designers right here!! Oscar de la Renta (the great!) and Carolina Herrera. Both look impeccable per usual.

Vera Wang in a sparkly bib necklace - like my previous post predicts, don't leave home without it! By the way, this lady will be designing my wedding dress...i'm speaking that into existence.

The lovely Chanel Iman, with her new boo. She's SO skinny...but we already knew that.

Georgina Chapman looks great in this sparkly sheath dress. I love the rope tie in the middle, and you can't hate on the Louboutins.
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