Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LoveBrownSugar 's Top 9 Fall Essentials

After careful speculation of the Fall 2009 runway shows, countless fashion mags, blogs and fashion forecasts - I have come up with a list of this Fall's Fashion Essentials!! I know, its only August, BUT you will need to start compiling your back-to-school or back-to-fall wardrobes very soon. So, why not be an informed shopper? I've broken it down to 3 major trends with 3 Fashion Essentials for each trend:


This is the season of the Biker! Whether you actually own a set of wheels or not, don't find yourself out there this Fall without an all-black ensemble accented with metallic, grommets and studs. Take your pick of the following 3 essentials:

1. Biker Jacket

So, we won't all be as extreme as Mary Kate in this grommeted number, BUT there are really cute and simple options out there.

H&M Leather Bomber, Fall'09 Collection

2. Lace Up Booties

We spotted Rihanna wearing this pair in our previous Fierce or Foolish post.

Here's an inexpensive pair I found at Endless.com:
GUESS Peep Toe Lace Up Boot, $94.90

3. Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are the quintessential accessory to finish off this look. If you're daring enough, you can just cut up your old leather gloves from last season instead of buying a whole new pair (although I myself wouldn't do that).

And always remember with the Biker look, stick to one trendy piece at a time. Too much at once can have you looking like you belong to the Harley Davidson clan. Unless you actually do, exercise moderation with this trend.

I know prim & proper doesn't seem to fit in with this season's trend, BUT it always finds its place. Polished blazers, prim accessories and ruffled blouses are still on this season. Here are 3 essentials for this trend:

4. Bib Necklace

I consider this a direct continuation of the statement necklace trend. It now has a twist with the new bib shape. These are perfect for those nights when you just feel like throwing on a little black dress. BAM! You got something special on the neck and you look FLYY!

H&M Bib Necklace, Fall '09 Collection

Forever 21 has a great affordable assortment of Bib Necklaces as well:

Textured Flower Bib Necklace, $16.80

5. Floral Dress

Michael Kors, Fall '08

I know it seems weird to suggest florals in the winter. But who says, winter has to be drab and dreary?? Cheer up your mood with a nice floral print in a thicker material. This trend continues from Fall '08. For a more appropriate Fall look, throw a dark menswear-inspried blazer over a floral print piece. Stay away from cardigans, as you might look like you're on your way to Easter Sunday...

Urban Outfitters is the master of floral prints, so don't hesitate to hit up the site for options:

6. Velvet Piece

Lanvin, Prada, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Proenza Shouler, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney

Velvet was huge on the Fall 09 Runways. Although this sin't my favorite trend, it is one to be duly noted as I've already seen a number of mainstrema stores like H&M carrying bold pieces in this fabric. If you indulge in this trend, I would suggest keeping it light with something simple like a velvet vest or pencil skirt.

Joes Jeans, Velvet Lapel Vest, $79


That's right, the 80's just can't seem to go away. Can't complain though...that's my birth decade whoo! So pull together those fun graphic tees, leggings in unexpected colors & materials, tights slashed on the sides and MJ-inspired military jackets, because it's on! Here are my 3 Essentials for the trend:

7. Strong Shoulder Jacket

That's right kiddos, get your old shoulder pads out of hiding (well, if you're my age you never wore em') or find your momma's! You're going to need them this season.

Although nobody does a strong shoulder like Balmain...

...most of us don't have $11K to spend on one. But the best thing about the strong shoulder trend is that they are super easy to find vintage versions of. Just yesterday I found a really cute navy blue blazer w/ shoulder pads at my nearby Thrift store, only $7.99.

Topshop also a nice version at a fairly reasonable price:

8. Legging Jeans

Yup, you heard right - legging jeans! We all know leggings have been "in" for years now but the new interpretation is the incorporation of the skinny jean trend.

Juicy Couture makes a simple pair that almost anyone could pull off:

Juicy Couture Denim Leggings, $88.00

9. Over-the-Knee Boots

Boots have been taken to higher heights this season. They don't stop at the knee, now they surpass them!

For those of us who LIVE in flat boots during the Fall/Winter Season, these Chinese Laundry pair are great:

To conclude, I believe the overall theme for this Fall's trends is EDGE. With the penetration of the color black, hard accessories like metal and studs, and strong silhouettes apparent throughout, it will be pretty hard not to feel like a badass this Fall. Enjoy! I know I will...
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  1. Ooh! Nice choices! I saw the Juicy Couture jeggings at their store and they do look wearable! I was thinking about buying a pair myself...

    And 11K for a leather jacket?! Wow, Rihanna.

    ~ Jessu @ kireinano.blogspot.com