Monday, August 10, 2009

Fashion Obsession: International Magazines

This past Friday, I went on a fervent quest to find the Black Barbie issue of Italian Vogue and luckily I was able to grab a few copies. I have a trusted source for my Italian Vogue issues right near Bryant Park in NYC and they ALWAYS have what I need.

Vogue Italia, Black Barbie Issue

Anyway, along my quest for the coveted Vogue Italia issue, I happened to stumble upon some AMAZING international fashion magazines. It's so crazy how much of a bubble you're in when you stay in the US. Countries all over the globe LOVE fashion and actually some of the absolute best fashion magazines I've seen are not from the US. For me, European mags are so much more aesthetically pleasing. I think, of late, US fashion mags have been pretty drab and dreary (and not to mention extrememly thin), but I'm assuming that's a result of the recession's effects on the fashion industry.

Snapped a spread of Chanel Iman in some Italian fashion mag

Just a few of the many international fashion mags to choose from

One thing I picked up on is that Italians are great with promoting diversity. The magazines I noticed that had the greatest number of black models and/or celebrities were the Italian ones.

Like I always say, I lovee some Italians! I stumbled across 2 L'uomo Vogue Italia covers featuring both Jay-Z and P.Diddy. I thought that was pretty cool:

Fashion mags from the asian countries were particularly amazing as well. Full of color, edgy and quirky.

For those of you who are fashion magazine-obessed like myself, check out this place in NYC called the Magazine Cafe. They have a huge array of magazines with a particular focus on fashion. You can sit, have a cup of coffee and just indulge...

Magazine Cafe, located on 15 W. 37th St (bet. 5th and 6th)
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  1. What Vogue cover is that with Jourdan? It's aamazing! I don't know how I missed it...