Monday, August 10, 2009

Updates: Solange Still Bald

You all remember my update and Solange's bald look, right? Well, it seems she's starting to accept her baldness for what it is instead of slapping a wig on it the next day:

Solange at the “Samantha Thavasa & Disney Handbag Collection”, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

She still looks like the lost step-child to me....poor Solange.

Not a fan of this look on Solange, but the shoes are FIYAH!! It looks like she got dressed in the dark...shirt peeking out under the skirt though?? Come on...

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  1. I think she went back to short because she caught all that flack for putting the wig back on. But I think she should be able to change it up whenever she wants. But yea, the outfit is just plain sad.

  2. I love those shoes and the skirt. But why would she choose that shirt?

  3. I'm sorry, I think Solange looks SO cute! I'll admit, when she first came out bald, I was like hmmm...she's looking a little rough. But that side part and cute pink makeup? I LOVE it! I like here outfit too. She reminds me of Bianca from ANTM...

  4. I don't see how people can be referring to her as bold. I can see hair!