Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sick Site Spotlight: Rent-the-Runway

It started out with a problem and a dream. The problem: Nothing to wear to a fancy wedding. The Dream: To wear a gorgeous designer dress, straight off the runway. Well these two Harvard grad students Jenny and Jenn, had the right idea when they put their forces together and came up with this amazing site Rent The Runway. Yes that's right ladies, you can actually rent the runway!

The premise of the site is that regular girls get to choose an amazing designer dress to wear and have the ability to rent it starting at only $50. Once you're finished with the dress, you mail it back and they take care of the dry cleaning and all the rest. I think it's absolutely genius! Who would expect less coming from Harvard grad, right?

I just got confirmed for a membership so I'm stoked! I'm thinking about this Tracy Reese frock for the next girl's night out:

Anyway sign up for Rent The Runway HERE. Can't wait to see you all with your designer pieces lookin' SHARP!
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  1. That is insane! It’s like Bag, Borrow, Steal (well Avelle now) but better. I wonder if they have a clearance/gentle used section where you can buy older dresses.

  2. That's actually a really good suggestion! I think they just launched recently so probably not yet, but maybe soon?