Monday, November 23, 2009

Fashion Countdown: American Music Awards 2009

Hey lovelies!

Hope you had a great weekend and I also hope you all tuned into the American Music Awards. It was adequately entertaining, I must say. Here are my Top 10 Best & Worst:

10. WORST (Gasp! Dare I say...) - Rihanna

As much as I love Rih Rih, this was a complete miss for me. Bare bodied underneath a laser cut, voluminous gown...me no likey.

It looks like they pasted stencils on her! Her hair and makeup look FAB though...

9. BEST - J. Lo

Although I wasn't a fan of her live performance, I absolutely LOVED her cocktail dress. I'm not usually giddy over feathers, but this makes me wanna kidnap a goose and make one myself!

8. WORST - Colbie Caillat

Mmk so are you preggers? Because if not, this baby bumb is not allowed. And if so, you did NOT pick the appropriate dress for this event. It looks unfinished no?

7. BEST - Melody Thornton

This pussycat doll is on the money with this dress. Love the sequin detail on it. I wish her shoes were doing a little more for me though...

6. WORST - Paula Abdul

ZZZzzzz...what a bore. Ok the dress is not bad, but it's not doing much either. Slap a statement necklace on that! Thank you...

5. BEST - Keri Hilson

Keri would've been further down the line had her hair and makeup been a little more BAM! Keri, where are your gorgeous blond streaks?? And I need a pop of color on your face when you wear all black...almost there.

4. WORST - Leona Lewis

I'm all for the futuristic cat woman look but Leona looks like she's wearing a cinched garbage bag in this one. Sorry no bueno...cute booties though!

3. BEST - Fergie

When I saw her go up to the accept an award in this dress, I almost fainted. LOVE the studded element. We all know metal & studs are in this season. I would've loved to see this piece on Rihanna...hmmm.

2. WORST - Jermaine Jackson

This has nothing to do with fashion...he's on this list just because of that greasy shape-up...tisk tisk tisk... (more like a Sharpie-up, looks like they used black marker to line that mess)

1. BEST - Alicia Keys

I love the color and the cut of this dress, and the detailing is beautiful! I kind of wish she had long flowing locks with this dress but the "dinner bun" works fine too. Props go out to her stylist during this show because her performance outfits were on point as well!

That's all folks. Hit me up with Fierce or Foolish comments below. I welcome your opinions!!

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