Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fierce or Foolish: Beyonce & Kelly at Watch The Throne Party

Last night, Kanye West and Jay-Z invited their closest friends & fam to celebrate the upcoming release of ther long-awaited collaborative album Watch The Throne. Kelly Rowland and Beyonce showed up rocking gray T-shirts & denim for the casual affair.

Love it when Bey dresses down. I thought the fedora was a cute touch! I also love that we're seeing Bey and Kelly in pics together more often. And they're wearing matching looks!

Anyone else miss the days of Destiny's Child.when these ladies wore matching looks on purpose?

BONUS: Doesn't Solange look stunning? 

 Fave! Love her look
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  1. I'm the jeans QUEEN, lol!! So I say fierce, both of the ladies look fantastic. Not too much makeup, not too much hair fussiness happening.
    And Miss Solange, BABY??! You better werk, honey!

  2. I think they both look cute. These are outfits that require no fuss and little makeup and still you walk away looking amazing. I say fierce as well.