Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kickin It: Tangled Tales at Hair Rules Salon NYC

“We have to do the work so that our daughters don't have to have this conversation...” 
- Michaela Angela Davis

Last night marked the first of many conversations to come, hosted by the Hair Rules Salon in Upper West Side NYC, about Tangled Tales - a community conversation about hurt, hair and heeling. LBS contributor Desiree was on the scene to capture pics and report on the eye-opening event!


So who was talking? Faith-based therapist Jacqueline S. Williams, image extraordinaire Michaela Angela Davis, and the texture guru of Hair Rules himself, Dickey sat down with a handful of beautiful everyday women who came out to engage in some good discussion, all in the effort to build collective self esteem.

We asked and answered tough questions and revealed some personal manipulations that have only stemmed from other people’s ideas of ourselves. This is the kind of opportunity that helps us change ideas we have to ones that uplift us. It reminds me of the recent debate happening over at HuffPost Black Voices called Split Ends: A Natural Versus Relaxed Hair Roundtable

Click here for the VIDEO
 In a video series hosted by our recent "Get Like Me" honoree - style & beauty editor Julee Wilson, she sits down at a roundtable to discuss the debate over relaxed, natural and everything in between. Things get pretty heated in the video and an interesting discussion continues in the commentary section about the importance of these conversations in our community.

It's such an interesting topic for discussion and much needed. The next Hair Rules discussion is proposed for mid-October and will focus on the topic "What should we expect from our salons?"

Will you be joining in on the convo? How do you feel about your hair? Chime in!

- Reporting by Desiree Chase
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  1. that is definitely something that needs to be discussed. i love being natural but i don't think its right if naturals look down on relaxed girls or vice versa. But i'll leave it at that i can go on about tons of things lol

  2. booo my comment didn't take. I'll have to type it back out later lolol, But basically i agree that natural do look down on relaxed girls! I don't think anything different of them, they are human women, and black just like me! We need to stick together and not worry about what others are going.

  3. This is a great topic to discuss! I used to get a lot of back lash from women who are natural on my blog when my hair was relaxed. Now that I've gone natural I still don't like the fact that other natural hair ladies do that. I feel that hair does not define a person but rather the brain that's underneath it. There is no need to keep creating divisions in the black female community.

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  5. In the early 90's my friends and I all relaxed our hair. By the late 90's they were all natural and I still relaxed mine. They have never once singled me out or treated me any differently because of it. I had a brother come up to me once while were were all out one night and told me " I love your hair but, that's just lazy (pointing at their locs & shaved styles)!!" I corrected him and said "Please, they are not lazy!! Their hair takes way more maintenance than mine to look that gorgeous all I have to do is wake up and comb mine out!!" We should all respect each others indivdual taste and style. Look how amazing and versatile our hair is!!