Friday, September 9, 2011

Kickin' It: Essence Blogger Breakfast

Yesterday, ESSENCE Online invited a small group of bloggers for breakfast at their offices as a kickoff to New York Fashion Week! We chatted with Editor-in-Chief Emil Wilbekin, fashion & beauty editors Zandile Blay and Tia Williams, and found out all they have in store for this week's fashion coverage! They have a specialty landing page Essence.com/FashionWeek with all their weekly goodies. Here's what I got into at the breakfast:

While there I had the chance to finally meet La La Vazquez. She's so cute! And she's truly a sweetheart. I found it so touching that she took interest in what I blog about and actually said she would check out my site. I'm looking forward to bumping into her backstage at a few shows this season!

I caught up with the lovely Julee Wilson (last week's Get Like Me feature!) of HuffPost Black Voices. We both wore yellow - loved her layered look.

I also ran into Joy Adaeze of Joy Loves Fashion and Kathryn Finney of The Budget Fashionista!

And one of my absolute faves Nike of MyModestMouth blog who will be running around helping me cover shows for LoveBrownSugar this season as well!

Of course I chilled with one of my blogger besties Jessica Andrews of Glamazons Blog.

I also snagged this great Street Style pic from the Essence.com post about the event:

Photo Credit: Dario Calmese for Essence.com

 I opted for a color-blocked look with my favorite vintage mustard blazer, some rust colored pants I snagged at Forever21 Plus & my trusty rain boots! (NYC weather this week has been crazy!)

More updates coming soon! Follow me on Twitter @LoveBrownSugar for up-to-the-minute NYFW updates. Also don't forget, I'm corresponding for @Style369 this week as well. See you guys soon!

UPDATE: I found this amazing video below from the breakfast. The video team at Essence.com captured why we bloggers think social media & blogging is so important. Check it out:

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  1. Those pants are amazing. I must have them! They look fantastic on you...but then again you make everything look fantastic.

    Love Ya,

  2. Love the blazer.... the color looks amazing with your skin tone!!!


  3. Can I just say I love your wellies. And that blazer is just popping like nobody's business. Gorgeous!!


  4. love the look! that jacket is perfection, looks like fun times, hopefully in the future we'll be running into each other at fashion week.

  5. Any plans on wearing your own hair for the blog?

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