Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dat Sh*t Cray: My Chance Encounter With Kanye

So since I announced yesterday that I ran into Kanye West at the premiere of Reed Between The Lines (HERE), I've gotten so many questions about my encounter with him. What's he like? Was he nice? Did he smell good? So I figured, what better way to capture my life-changing 45 second run-in with Mr.West than in a detailed list addressing my Kanye Encounter FAQs (frequently asked questions). So here they are:

1. Was he nice? I heard he was arrogant!

Don't believe all the hype. Contrary to popular belief, Kanye was incredibly nice and open to chatting for the all of 45 seconds I had with him. He was actually on his way out of the venue and (like a ninja, according to Sandrine Charles) I cut across the room, walked up to him and put my hand out to shake his hand. It went kind of like this...

Me: Hi Kanye! I'm Christina Brown!
Kanye: *smiles and shows bottom grill*
Me: I rushed over to catch you before you leave! Just wanted to let you know, as a fashion head, how much I love your new DW line. I saw the pictures from the runway during Paris Fashion Week and I thought you did an amazing job.
Kanye: Well, thanks Christina *wide grin*
Me: Will you take a picture with me?!
Kanye: Sure! *pulls me in close for the pic*

And that's how it went. A splendid encounter indeed.

2. What did he look like? (Runner up: What did he smell like?)

He looked exactly the way he looks on TV and in pics! Lol. No different. In my heels and curly fro, I was slightly taller than him but other than that he looked normal. No surprises. And he smelled great. Like a rich man.

3. What was he wearing?

He wore typical Kanye "just chillin'" attire - a flannel shirt, V-neck tee, jeans, sneakers, and a gold chain. (See pic with Tracee Ellis Ross)

4. How did you feel?

To be honest, Kanye might be one of the biggest stars I've met to date! I mean I met Jay-Z when I was like...14 years old at a Knicks game. And I met Beyonce in 7th grade when she was still a member of Destiny's Child. But besides them, yeah - this was pretty major, and random. I didn't really go to the premiere party with expectations of meeting 'Ye, but I'm super grateful I did.

It was a perfect lesson in the importance of getting to know someone (even briefly) before you pass judgment. Do I still shake my head at him for interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMAs that year? Yes, I do. But I have a newfound respect for him for taking 45 seconds of his life to say hello, be cordial, and take pics when he didn't have to. Definitely a stronger Kanye stan than I was before.

Special thanks to the lovely PR team at BET (@BET_PR) for inviting me to the event. Another special thanks to my stealth, ninja camera woman Sandrine Charles for capturing these pictures on my digicam (love you girl!)

Any other questions about my Kanye encounter? Hit me up in the comments section!
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  1. I'm curious, what did his necklace say? What a fabulous encounter..


  2. Laughing over "what did he smell like?". Someone wanted the full experience. LOL. Thanks for sharing lady.


  3. OMG!!! I love him even more after reading this!!!
    Sarah From QueenSizedFlava.com

  4. Great post! Such an exciting moment and laugh-out-loud writing!

    If Kanye's just shorter than you in heels, then maybe I can comfortably date him in flats. Oh hey, Kanye ;)

  5. "he smelled great. Like a rich man."


  6. so well written and cute!!!

  7. "he smelled like a rich man..." hilarious!

  8. In my head Kanye smells link money, happiness, and Riesling...all the things I like lol

  9. i'm literally like an emerald green colour right now! Tres jeallie! OMG!!! I LOVE KANYE!!!


  10. "And he smelled great. Like a rich man." Quote of the month!

    I don't know what I'll do if I ever had a face to face encounter with 'Ye. I mean, I am seeing him in concert next month but still...that's not the same. Pretty awesome photo!

  11. I dont shake my head at him for the Swift incident...He was right lol

  12. I didn't think that you were such a Kanye fan. I know that his a musician but I haven't listened his music.