Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kickin' It: Carols Daughter Launches Chocolat Smoothing Collection

Last night at the GODIVA store in midtown Manhattan, Carol's Daughter hosted a small group of bloggers & editors to celebrate the launch of their new line of products called Chocolat. A Smoothing Collection of products that claim to rebuild hair structure and smooth each hair strand from within, Carol's Daughter founder Lisa Price believes it's one of their most innovative and effective product lines to date. In fact, she even had her bouncy curls straightened for the event!

The genius behind the Chocolat Smoothing Collection is that for those who want to blow-dry or straighten their naturally curly hair (or any hairtype for that matter!), the three-step collection of Smoothing Shampoo, Conditioner & Blow Dry Cream tackles frizzy and unmanageable hair by way of natural ingredients like Keravis; a hyperactive plant protein that helps fill in lifted hair cuticles, and Cacao plant extract, which helps smooth the hair cuticle.

Though I haven't tried the products yet, I'm super excited to give them a whirl.

Hairstylist Bibby Garcia

Their spokeslady, Latina Magazine-ranked #1 hairstylist Bibby Garcia (pictured above), was on hand to show the transformation of her hair. She went from a huge curly head of hair to sleek, smooth strands with only a blow-dryer, no flat iron, using the Chocolat Smoothing collection.

Eileen of MissWhoeverYouAre, Angel of Concrete Loop & Makeup Artist Tara Lauren
While there I ran into quite a few of my blogger buddies. Eileen of MissWhoeverYouAre (far left) actually used the Chocolat products to get her silky straight hair, and she only had to blow-dry, no flat iron!

Also ran into the lovely Angel of Concrete Loop! Any aspiring bloggers that haven't checked out her book Angel's Laws of Blogging, you absolutely should. It's a must-read.

Julee Wilson, Style & Beauty Editor, HuffPost BlackVoices & Me
I also ran into Julee Wilson of Huffpost BlackVoices. You guys remember her from her Get Like Me feature a few months ago? Yeah she's awesome. And we always show up to events wearing similar outfits! 

I also spotted these natural beauties Cassadie of Natural Selection and Imani of upcoming blog Tribe Called Curl.

Overall I had a blast at the event. Carol's Daughter Chocolat Smoothing Collection is on sale now and I'll be giving them a try very shortly and posting about them. It's coming up on my one year natural hair anniversary, and I'll be straightening my strands in celebration so look out for a post on that soon!

For more information on Carol's Daughter products visit their Website | Facebook | Twitter

Will you be giving the Chocolat Smoothing Collection a try?
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  1. I would really like to but I haven't heard any reviews from any naturals yet.

  2. She went from a huge curly head of hair to sleek, smooth strands with only a blow-dryer, no flat iron, using the Chocolat Smoothing collection.