Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cover Girls: Melanie Fiona Covers VIBE Vixen

On the heels of her new album release, The MF Life, R&B songstress Melanie Fiona covers VIBE Vixen.  She's giving off-kilter glam with this melon sorbet dress and menswear tie. Absolutely love her style. VIBE Vixen chatted with the Canadian sensation about her new album, her emotional highs & lows, heartbreak and self-confidence:

On her new album:
I believe that the songs people have heard and the things that have been released, when they get the album, they’ll be pleasantly surprised. That’s not necessarily the bread and butter of the album. There’s really great hidden gems on this album, and I just think that it’s a really strong album that gives appeal to both men and women, which I think is a tough thing to do.

On heartbreak:
"...for me, I just know that even when I’m in love, I still write about heartbreak and that’s an emotion that I draw on and I know people need to hear about that. I think that there’s strength in owning that [hurt] and sharing that and saying like, Yeah this is who I am and this is where I’m at. And I think that why people love the music."

On being confident & finding her "sexy":
I think, as women, we continue to evolve and find it. It even becomes as materialistic as you finding the perfect pair of shoes and just putting them on. I think it’s always a process, and I think you have to be able to find the sexy everywhere. You really have to find the sexy when you feel the ugliest, so I feel like it’s a constant evolution.

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