Friday, March 16, 2012

Cover Girls: Solange Knowles for Time Out NY

Solange graces the cover of this week's Time Out NY spring fashion issue and she exudes natural glamour. Solo rocked her signature bold prints, flawless makeup and natural hair.

About her fashion sense, she told TONY "I’ve been clear I just want to express myself. I’m really appreciative for the love and respect [from the fashion community], but I just want to do the fun shit,” she said. “I’m a lot more interested in style than fashion—style is what makes us who we are.”

She also talked about her upcoming music release, which she hopes will be a timeless record.

“I hope 25 years from now, my son can look at the pop stars [of today] and have that same feeling that I have when I listen to Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey records, and experience that timelessness of just good songs.”

She's giving me old school chic in this photo! I can't take!

Check her out over at Time Out NY giving life! Will you be picking up her album this summer?
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