Saturday, March 3, 2012

LBS in San Francisco: Day 2

Our second day in San Francisco was one of my faves. We had the entire day from morning until night to experience the beauty of the city. We started out by taking the bus from SoMa where we were staying to the Haight, which is an amazing neighborhood full of restaurants, cool cafes and the most fantastic vintage shopping.

This is my happy dance, once I found out we were going vintage shopping. Friday was a beautiful day so I broke out my new favorite maxi dress (the same Forever 21 one from this post), my leather jacket and my Cambridge Satchel. Brace yourself, you'll be seeing alot of both throughout these posts. I only traveled with a carry-on, don't judge.

The jewels on the right are new ones I scored from H&M on our shopping trip the day before. I'm in love with the chainlink bracelet and ring.

Purchased both for under $25 combined. Gotta love H&M.

Jumi and I did alot of colorblocking on Friday. We kept getting stopped on the street. If it wasn't for our bright dresses and bright accessories, it was for our natural hair. "Are you guys from here? You're not from here are you?" Not gonna lie, I enjoyed the attention!

We got off the bus at Haight & Ashbury and were surrounded by thrift shops and cutesy cafes. I was in heaven.

We had lunch at this latin fusion restaurant called Cha Cha Cha. We had BBQ wings, fried plantains, jerk chicken & sangria. Four things I never thought I'd consume altogether. It changed my life. 

After lunch, we wandered down the street to this really cool record store called Amoeba Music. If you're a music head, or really into vinyls, this place is a must-see.

Overall, I had a blast in The Haight. Definitely my kinda neighborhood. 

Great eats, great shopping and amazing people. Definitely coming back here.

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  1. San fran is a beautiful city!Love your neon satchel

  2. You look too adorable! And we have the same ring!!! That ring goes with everything! Is that a dress or a maximum skirt your friend has on? CeCe give me the DEETS!

  3. Woow San Francisco looks beautiful! Its now on my list of cities to visit. Great pics.

  4. I'm the tweeter from Twitter who lives in the Bay Area who will be retracing your steps! Thanks for the beautiful pictorial of San Fran! I'm so excited for a statecation now!