Friday, October 5, 2012

Fierce or Foolish: Keke Palmer's New Look

The transition from being a child star to a young adult icon can be a difficult one and for celebrity kids, the world gets to watch you go through it. We know Keke Palmer for being a sweetheart. A well mannered young lady with talent, and essentially the prototype for young girls in Hollywood. You’re probably looking for a BUT to completely eliminate all the great things we just mentioned about Keke, but there isn't one. We think she's fab!

Although she hasn’t done anything horrible to tarnish her image, let's weigh in on her most recent transition. She's making bold moves, y'all.

Let’s start with her most recent appearance:

This week, the singer and actress was spotted at 106 & Park wearing a revealing, unbuttoned denim shirt that showed off her neon green and black bra and you guessed it - the twins. Her tummy was showing too. If she opted to show off one of the two, we would have understood the look, but the twins and the tummy? Hmmm.

And for the beauty look:
We’re used to seeing Keke with long black tresses, natural looking makeup along with a neutral lip. She normally gives off young, fresh and sophisticated but this week she revealed new hair. Keke now has a full head of blonde hair! This look has really worked for edgier celebs like Rihanna and Ciara, but is it working for Keke?  

What do you all think? Is her new look Fierce or Foolish?

- Makisha Timothy
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  1. It looks nice. Every girl hits that point where they revamp their look to feel more womanly and less girlish. This is hers.

  2. The outfit would've been ok had she have decided to reveal only ONE part, and not both. Not a fan of the blonde hair either. Oh well, Keke is still fab!


  3. That blonde hair has got to go. No ma'am!

  4. I have nothing against the outfits, but that blonde hair has GOT TO GO! The color doesn't do anything for her skin and it just looks so fried...

  5. The blonde is cute, but Keke looks much more sophisticated and polished with the brown tresses.

  6. I'm feelin' the hair, as well as the orange dress. The other look is ok; not my fave. I think she's experimenting with new things and she'll get there. She's still a cutie!


  7. IMO, she's trying too hard. I still love her, though! ;-)

  8. FOOLISH! I love her but that Blonde is not right!

    Taylor Brione

  9. It looks like she got implants too. Anyway think that?

  10. I love lil' KeKe and I think she has blossomed into a lovely young lady! The orange dress number is cute..not a huge fan of the 106 and Park look...


  11. She is off to an OK start......unfortunately we know that she is experimenting!!

  12. Well I dont really feel the blonde or the style. Maybe if she curled it or made it look decent it would work a little better:/ The 106 and Park look is plain foolishness!!! Looks like she is playing dress up or something! Clearly trying too hard!

  13. Dont like the blonde hair. Too much scalp is showing... Am I the only one who sees that?? She is a BEATUFIL girl and looked much more sophisticated with the natural dark brown hair. Now it just seems like she is going through a early 20's life crisis (how old is she???) I think she needs to stop with the foolishness, stop trying to be Rhianna/Beyonce, and go back to what worked for her...


  14. What young girl hasn't gone through that stage of finding herself? Are our memories that short? Cut her some slack. It's what is inside that matters most.