Thursday, October 4, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Geek Chic 101

Happy Throwback Thursday folks! This is me in second grade... 

(*waits for uncontrollable laughter to stop*) 

Yes I had coke bottle top spectacles back when they weren't cool. When the phrase "Geek Chic" didn't exist. When cardigans were corny. And sponge roller sets were cool. Oh how times have changed. I went from four eyes to fashionable and it only took 20+ years. Get my throwback look with the following pieces...
 Cardigan: Alexander Wang ($224) | Oxford, Marc Jacobs ($450) | Bowtie, Elite Solid ($37.50) | Spectacles, ASOS US ($34.49)

Get The Look (For Less):

Guess what? I wanna see YOUR throwback threads! Send an email with your Name, an old school Picture of yourself attached, and the Year to luvbrownsugar(at)gmail.com with "Throwback Thursday" in the subject. Promise I won't point and laugh! (Ok maybe I will, a little...)
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  1. one of your best posts! love it!!

  2. oh the sponge roller set...memories girl ME-MO-RIES!

    You were adorable!