Monday, June 3, 2013

LBS Fashion [London Edition]: The 90's Trend

Across the pond in London Town, the 90’s have taken over. There’s an endless sea of denim, bomber jackets, crop tops, tie-dye and shirts tied around waists and beanies.

The 90’s marked the era of Girl Power (does a Mel C kick) - the reign of the ladies. Everyone from The Spice Girls, SWV, Salt n Pepa, Mary J Blige, TLC, Brandy, Monica, Aaliyah and more. I’d definitely call the 90’s the good years - carefree fashion and great music. Here in London, we're taking it back to the good ol’ days.

Blogger Tori West does the 90’s proud with a denim jacket, graphic tee, beanie and fun multi-coloured hair. 

Brit Blogger Kavita showcases her 90's style with a beanie, crop top and chic rucksack.

NYC-based UK sweetheart Karen Blanchard gives 90's grunge in a floral vintage dress and laceup platform boots.

Fellow Brit Rita Ora puts a little spin on the 90’s grunge look with a pair of heels.

The Queen of the 90’s! Now I know Rihanna isn’t from London but she rocks the 90’s trend the best in her Rihanna for River Island collection pays homage to this with denim, crop tops, shirts tied around the waist, dungarees (overalls) and carefree attitude.

The 90’s trend allows you to combine grunge and sexy, boyfriend jeans with crop tops or if you’re feeling ultra-sexy you can throw on a bralet or an oversized plaid shirt with high waisted denim shorts. There are endless options with the 90’s trend!

Will you be re-living the 90’s this season?

-Kaila Baptiste (London Contributor)
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  1. I never ever thought the '90s style would come back!! LOL. But I like the updated look of some of the fashions like the crop tops.


    1. Me either!! Lol. I've always said "Ugh, the 90's - glad that's over." Now here it is again. I see all these guys wearing high-top fades and faded denim. It's cray!

  2. I seriously love printed bomber jackets and think they are the coolest thing ever and of course cropped tops, but I haven't really pulled any out of my closet in a long time! Really nice post! xx Pip

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  3. Hey,
    amazing looks! :)


  4. AHHHH... the 90's. i loved dressing like that back in the day... if only they would've brought this style back BEFORE i bacame and mommy and wife. lol!

    1. You can still be a fly mama in cutoff denim shorts! Lol don't let that stop you girl.

  5. i'm always torn because even though i don't look 44, something in my head says "no ma'am, don't you dare put that on, you know you are 44 right"? lol! but the '90's was such a fun time clothes wise. tacky, but fun!

  6. Hey, it was bound to make a comeback! The 70's and 80's made their resurgence, so now it is the 90's turn! (I feel old)! I miss the grungy look of the Seattle music groupies of the era, but I don't think I would try dressing that way again, even if it came back in style.

  7. I love Kavita's style! Eeeek!