Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amber Rose for Elle Magazine: Fierce or Foolish?

I have to say I'm thoroughly disappointed with Elle Magazine for the stint they pulled this month with their October Issue. This month's issue is all about Personal Style so they decided to allow Amber Rose to grace their illustrious pages, styled by boyfriend Kanye West.

Now I know the issue is supposed to be an expression of personal style but GEEZ LOUISE....all I see is booty butt cheeks! I thought I mistakenly picked up an issue of Maxim!

I think, given the great editorial work Elle has done in the past, given the demographic of people who read Elle and given it's position as a high-fashion mag, this was a poor choice...

Don't get me wrong, high fashion features nudity left and right, but it's the way it all is portrayed that makes the difference. This spread screams "let's dress up my naughty stripper girlfriend in sparkles, thongs and booty shorts, and call it fashion!" - Not a fan.

This is the only picture I thought was really editorial-worthy:

Do you guys disagree? Amber Rose for Elle Magazine - Fierce or Foolish?
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