Monday, September 14, 2009

Updates: Fashion Week 2009 Experience

Hey all! I'm so glad to be back on my blog, updating you all on fashion, celebs & such. I apologize for being absent the past week, but I have a good reason - I promise! Last week I had the pleasure of working with IMG Fashion as a volunteer for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I had such a great time! It was alot of hard work, but my reward came in getting an up close look at each of the shows, being in the company of fashion elite, and nabbing those leftover gift bag goodies ;) - definitely an amazing experience.

Rebecca Taylor, show I worked yesterday

As you can imagine, there's tons of work that goes into setting up for the shows: setting up chairs, stuffing gift bags, placing name cards on the seats, making sure the venue is perfect, model run-throughs, lighting, seating guests and all other types of craziness! It was SO rewarding though. At many of the shows I was right up near the front row and only feet away from some high-profile celebs.

Celebs I Spotted:

Janice Dickinson at Monarchy by Eric Kim

Jay Alexander, Runway Coach Extroadinaire, at Monarchy by Eric Kim

Ivanka Trump & Olivia Palermo at Ports 1961

Housewives of NY at Rebecca Taylor

Gabrielle Union at Rebecca Taylor

Mena Suvari at Rebecca Taylor

And of course, Fern Mallis, EVP of IMG was at all the shows

Overall, Fashion Week was AMAZING. Unfortunately, my shifts with IMG are now over and I'm officially back at work but it was definitely an experience I shall never forget. My goal by this time next year is to have a seat of my own at a few of the shows. *Crossing fingers and praying*
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