Thursday, September 3, 2009

PUT ON BLAST!! Celebrity Fashion Blunders

I have to give it to BET.com (not just because they pay my bills) but because today's feature about Celebrity Fashion Regrets is PRICELESS! Y'all know how I do...

Let's start the countdown - Top 10 Celebrity Fashion Regrets from this throwback flipbook:

*Disclaimer: these pictures are clearly dated, but they're still SOoo good

10. Ashanti
So this ensemble looks like it would've been better suited for the bedroom, after hours...

9. Rihanna

Rihanna, the fashion goddess...she was once a hot mess as well. This was before the days of her amazing stylist, and her rock star haircut.. say it ain't so RiRi!

8. Mya

Too much going on! Electric blue boots though?? Hmmm...wonder what Mya is doing with her life these days?

7. Mary J. Blige

Now I know Mary is known for taking fashion risks and setting urban trends. But heaven HELP us, this should not have been one of them...

6. Joy Bryant

Head to toe camouflage??!! Was this for an ARMY benefit event or something? This hurts my eyes a little...

5. Christina Milian

Homegirl looks like a fire truck exploded in front of her and she just pasted the pieces from that mess onto her body!! Ring the sirens!! Whoooo.....

4. Usher

Aww man Usher..you know I love you but them leather pants...gots-ta-go!

3. Ginuwine

Mmk Ginuwine, you might as well had just gone without a top if you were gonna be serving up all this. A CUTOUT blazer?? SMH...

2. Solange

Now this is why they always said Solange was the sorry stepchild...and I know for a fact mama Tina Knowles allowed this hot mess of an outfit to leave the house!


1. Beyonce

You guessed it! Pop Diva extraordinaire Ms. Bey. Mama Tina, why you let ya chile step onto the red carpet looking like THIS?? As they like to say on MediaTakeout, 'Jesus, take the wheel!'

Wow, that was so therapeutic. It's great to see in all their glitz and glamour, that celebrities make fashion mistakes just like the rest of us. You live and you learn...I hope!
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  1. That was a good list. Bey is my girl, but back in the Destiny Child days they all use to a hot mess. I might have put Usher first though, because he use to KILL that look back in the day. But he’s definitely on his grown man now.