Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fashion Week in Review: Up Close at Ports 1961, Monarchy, Thuy & Rebecca Taylor

Hey all! Busy week so I've been slacking on here, BUT I want to make sure to honor those collections I had the privilege of seeing up close this season: Ports 1961, Monarchy by Eric Kim, Thuy and Rebecca Taylor.

Major Trends I've Noticed:

1) The cinched waist is still going strong for Spring 2010. A majority of the dresses and combinations for Spring 2010 feature a figure-flattering cinched waist. This silhouette has been going strong for a few seasons now and SPring 2010 is no diferent.

Cinched dress at Ports 1961

Cinched dress at Monarchy

Cinched jacket at Thuy

Cinched dress at Rebecca Taylor

2) The pleated-front cropped pant is full force. This silhouette is all over stores this seeason, so expect to see it in lighter, more flowy fabrics for spring. But the silhouette is still very relevant.

Pleated pants at Ports 1961

Pleated pants at Monarchy

3) Lustrous fabrics galore! I noticed alot of luster and sheen in the fabrics of Spring 2010 collections. This subtle sheen pumps up the luxe effect of every peice in a collection.

Luster at Ports 1961

Luster at Monarchy

Luster at Thuy

Ports 1961

I loved the entire Ports 1961 collection. From the incredible color to the interesting shapes and luxe was a very "rich" collection, in every sense of the word.

Fave Looks:

I love the easy shape. It reminds me of a T-shirt dress a princess would wear. Love the fabric and the print. It has a bohemian vibe without being over-the top. Love this look!

Perfect "going-out" look anyone?? Here's the lustrous fabric I told you guys about. The shape is so new and creative...I think this look encapsulates the overall feel of the line.

See here for a full viewing of the Ports 1961 show

Monarchy by Eric Kim

I must confess, before working this show I didn't even know this line existed. However, after previewing the collection and considering the stars I spotted at this show (Ms. Jay and Janice), I now realize Eric Kim is "kind of a big deal". I really liked the collection. It was very contempory, and casual but still very smart streamlined. I love when those 2 ideas merge. The fun and fancy free combined with streamlined and structured. It's a fantastic combination.

Fave Looks:

Although I'm not a fan of super-shiny fabrics, I love the soft luster and the light ruffles in this one. I think it would be perfect with a black skinny pant and some chunky heels. The shorts are adorable. Chloe made a similar version for their Fall 09 collection in a thicker fabric.

I'm also not a huge fan of cropped tops, BUT when done right, it can look very chic. I might not have the flat tummy for this, but if you do...rock it out for me! I love how they paired the crop top with a soft, easy white pant... it takes away from the extremity of it being a cropped top.

See the Monarchy by Erick Kim Spring 2010 Collection pics here.


The Thuy collection was definitely one of my favorites. I love how innovative the shapes and construction was. They did some really amazing things with zippers and seams. The zippers were completely exposed and out of place and I LOVED it! There were some really clever fabric choices as well. Overall, gave this collection 2 thumbs up!

Fave Looks:

I think this was my favorite dress of the whole collection. It can almost transcend a season, because ideally this dress could be worn in the fall as well with a pair of tights and a great platform ankle bootie. I love the exposed zipper, the asymmetrical construction and the unique print.

Pics from the Thuy Spring 2010 Collection available here

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor's line was great. It was fun and flirty, it was chic but still wearable and I absolutely loved the colors. Not to mention, this is where I spotted some pretty great celebs including the beautiful Gabrielle Union.

Fave Looks:

This is such a great cocktail dress for Spring. I'm sure one of the young starlets will be donning this frock sometime next season during a premiere or an awards show...mark my words!

See the full Rebecca Taylor show here.

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