Friday, January 8, 2010

Introducing...Adventures with Ralph the Russian Fur

Everybody has it - an obsession. Something you instantly fall in love with that you can't ever seem to let go. Real fashionistas have a new obsession every season. An accessory they undoubtedly match up with every outfit in every way possible. In the summer it's that perfect pair of embellished thong sandals. In the Fall it's that buttery soft leather jacket. In the spring, that vintage floral scarf or those Ray-Bans that perfectly compliment your basics. Well, this winter my new obsession has a name - and he shall be called...Ralph. Ever since I saw his distant cousin sitting atop my best friend Jasmine's head, I knew I had to find one just like him. So I searched...and 3 hours later, in the bin of an H&M dressing room, I found him. Curled up, lonely, waiting to be rescued. Ever since his rescue 3 days ago, we've been inseparable:

Ralph and I, the first day we met.
Since my digital camera broke last month, I've been reduced to snapshots via my Blackberry (another obsession but that's another story). As soon as I save up enough for the Nikon I want, style posts will come. For now, bare with me...

Deneesha & I in the dressing room at H&M
One of my best buds Deneesha over at That's Random decided to adopt along with me. Now we both have (faux) furry buddies to go home and play with.

Day 2 - Ralph Visits the Office
So of course I had to introduce Ralph to my day job. He paid a visit to the Honey offices for the first time. And yes, I kept him on all day, even though I was indoors. That's how much he means to me. Clearly I was too rushed this morning to throw on makeup...which is why healthy skin is so important! I moisturized, slapped on some lip balm and kept it moving. Here are some skincare products I swear by:

1. Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser, 2.  Olay Complete Moisturizer w/ SPF, 3. Olay Definity Pore Redefining Scrub

Night 2 - Ralph and I Fierce in Deep Red
I have never been a supporter of red lips. I've always been the bubbly pink lipgloss girl that thought lipstick was for old biddies. Well, I've been proven wrong by the fly makeup lady at Sephora in Times Sq. She recommended this Sephora brand glossy lipstick for me and I love it! After Ralph and I kicked back with our PJs and "thinking spectacles" on, we decided I should do deep red nails to match.

 Sephora Brand Lip Attitude Glamour in Charming Violet, $12

Stay tuned for more adventures with Ralph...it's gonna be a cold winter!

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  1. I almost bought that hat! LOL! There's a twitpic of my friend Nicole trying it on...they're so cute but I have dry hair so I'm always weary of hats drying it out even more :-{

  2. love those hats but i'm sure they will look dumb on me :/

  3. Sephora brand has some good lip sticks! I am more of a lip gloss girl myself, you should also try their lip gloss pencils. They're great!

  4. i want one of those hats but only like the fur ones, yet don't want to go there cuz it's fur and it's expensive in fur. i hope hm canada has it