Sunday, January 3, 2010

Style Inspiration: Sequin Dreamer

I'm not sure if I've told you guys about this cool site Polyvore. It's a website you can use to create looks for inspiration or just for show. I've been playing around on the site lately and I decided I would try doing a set once a week. It's cool because you can choose from all these different pieces and really tailor the looks to your mood. This week's look is called "Sequin Dreamer". It's officially 2010 and I have big dreams and big plans for this year. This is going to be my year. I can feel it. Something about 2010 feels different. With this look, I mixed a little bit of my old self - classic (boyfriend blazer) yet trendy (gold watch) with the new person I'm trying to be in 2010. Edgy (sequin dress), daring (leopard booties) and willing to take risks to fufill my dreams...
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