Monday, August 30, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Better Than Harper's...

 So I just moved to Harlem a few months ago, and I'm clearly still finding my way around, getting to know the neighborhoods and of course, the shopping. I happened to be strolling around 116th street on Saturday, and stumbled upon the most amazing African bazaar!

Way better than Harper's (get it?), African bazaars are outdoor shops with stands full of vendors selling everything from authentic African jewelry, to kente cloths and imported fabrics, African masks and sculptures, to handmade bags and shea butter. I was in a fantasy wonderland of sorts, with the smells of incense and imported fabrics surrounding me. Anyway, I stumbled on some really amazing finds...

 Spotted this handmade leather-worked bag at the bazaar. You almost can't call this a bag, it's essentially art. 

Tables were overflowing with wooden bangles, beaded necklaces and colorful knick-knacks. 

And these hand carved wooden stools were just beautiful. I'll need to go back there and pick one up for my place. 

Ever been to a bazaar? Know of any good ones in your area? Soundoff below!
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  1. just near 119th street a few weeks ago! wish i would have known about this!

  2. I love this! You are giving me spots to go when I come back to NYC

  3. ummmm i love this. go back and pick me up that brown bangle, 112th one from the top left (smile)

  4. I love the Malcolm X flea market. A lot of my bold, statement earrings come from here. The vendors are always more than willing to give you a great bargain!

  5. I have a friend who has a booth there, KittyRose LIfestyle and her name is Catherine S. Warren Bishop. Check her out, tell her Moni sent you from Creative Liberation and Facebook!

  6. wow! That looks gorgeous! I want all those bracelets.
    I've just discovered your blog. it`s awesome! kisses