Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cover Girls: Jennifer Hudson for Michigan Avenue

 Jennifer Hudson looks absolutely stunning on the cover of Michigan Avenue magazine. As the newest spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, she's clearly representing the brand to the fullest. Now I know most of us are skeptics about celbrity weight loss. I am, given their access to the proper resources and well...their money. However, there's something so real and attainable about J. Hud's weight loss that it's truly inspiring. She did it the right way - eating right and exercising - and Weight Watchers is really something anyone can do. Anyone reading this have a goal that became more attainable for them once they saw a celebrity do it? Weight loss, hair cuts, new lipstick color? Soundoff below!

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  1. gosh. she's beautiful. I love this hairstyle on her. Less severe than her straight bang look.

  2. My girl Jhud is very gorgeous and hell of flawless. I also love her hair styles as well as the stright bang look. Jhud has the face to ware a whole lot of different hair styles. Those big beautiful eyes, and the very sexy lips need the locks to compliment them well.