Monday, February 1, 2010

52nd Annual Grammy Awards: Fashion Countdown

In case you missed out on the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards last night, it was definitely a show to remember. LoveBrownSugar's twitter was on fire last night with commentary and debate over the star's Red Carpet looks. There were some we loved and others we hated. Here's the LoveBrownSugar Grammy Awards Fashion Countdown:

10. Best - Beyonce

Although I wasn't a fan of her nude Stephane Rolland red carpet look to the right, she redeemed herself during her Grammy acceptance speech with this deep-V metallic number. I know Queen Bey is curvy and all, but I'm not a fan of playing up those curves with that overly-structured silhouette. The fabric doesn't do it for me, nor does the light color against her fair skin and light hair. Agreed?

9. Worst - Snooki?

You guys might be wondering why I placed a question mark next to her name? Well, that's because I have no idea how she got invited. All I need to do is fake tan, get a reality show, some fake extensions and learn how to fist pump to get a Grammy invite?? I'll pass...

8. Best - Lady Gaga
As outlandish as Queen Gaga can be, somehow we all understand her. She's outlandish, fanatical, freakish and foolish to some. But above all, she's creative genius. By the way, her opening performance with Elton John was EPIC! Clap it up for Gaga...

7. Worst - The Situation?

Same rules apply here as for Snooki....WTF is he doing at the Grammy's? Let's forget about the fact that his nickname is "The Situation" and focus on the fact that he took his shirt off on the red carpet. Gotta love the Jersey Shore crew...

6. Best - Miley Cyrus

Although I'm not a huge fan of the teen star, I loved her Red Carpet look for the Grammys. Her minidress was chic, fitted and youn. I thought it suited her well and was age-appropriate. Showling a little leg, but not too much skin. Thumbs up, Miley...

5. Worst - Ne-Yo

So Ne-Yo's placement on my "worst" list has nothing to do with his outfit, but everything to do with the fact that he thought it was cute to bring two dates? Whaaa? I'm also not a huge fan of Jessica White's dress (on the right). Oh,'s ok, we know you're gay smh.

4. Best - Jennifer Hudson

Despite the fact that the sister can blow, she just had a baby boy and she looks absolutely gorge! She's trim, in shape and absolutely divine in all black everything. Her stylists really stepped up their game this time around, because we've seen J.Hud looking sub-par on previous occasions. Kudos, many kudos!

3. Worst - Katy Perry
This light golden color and the dark hair just don't match on this one Katy. The color completely washes her out. And she looks like a mermaid...not in a good way. Better luck next time!

2. Best - Keri Hilson
Keri looks like a dream in this gown. I love the fitted shape on her and how it elongates her already-long shape. The whole look (beauty, dress and jewels) is giving me Old Hollywood glam and I'm loving it!

1. Worst - Ciara
I'm sorry Ciara. I know you just got back from the Haute Couture shows in Paris and you must've been inspired, but this Givenchy is NOT doing it for me. Are those loose lace pants you're wearing? You need to 1,2 Step with all that...

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  1. I think we had the same opinion on all of the above. It was such a shame to see Ciara in a steallr outfit, since everything else was flawless! I just wish it wasn't lace pants, the jacket didn't have tails, maybe if it were a mini dress. Oh well ... hope she gets it right next time.

    Love the blog!


  2. Christina!! Tell me you saw Britney Spears' outfit!! C'mon, you know that deserved to be on the Worst Dressed List. It was atrocious! If you didnt see it, look for it.

  3. Snooki snooki snooki. There is nothing to say, except I have never seen anyone look so bad in those makeyouhot bandage dresses. Ugh. We all know Katy Perry can't dress (or sing) so..
    I actually like Bey's nude dress, and I hate shouldapayuds. The Lady's shoes are fierce, and my absolute fave is Jennifer Hudson. That picture is wonderful because it captures her shape in symmetry. The haircut tops it off. A+

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