Monday, February 15, 2010

I Spy: Celeb Sightings & Street Chic

The celebs were out in full effect this weekend and so were the fashionable & fab show-goers. I managed to snap some behind the scenes pics from the weekend. Take a look:

On the left are two fly chicks named Coco & Breezy who make awesome designer eyewear with studding and the works. With their uber-stylish rocker chic style, I can't imagine how fierce their collection will be. Going to see their Fall 2010 collection tomorrow night - can't wait! On the right, you might recognize black supermodel Stacey McKenzie and the fly brother with the amazing glasses, she's posing with, is none other than Marc. C - the bowtie king. He makes these amazing unisex bowties, one of which we've seen Rihanna in recently:

If you love Real Housewives of Atlanta as much as I do, you'll recognize the following divo Dwight Eubanks. He was impeccably dressed (per usual) at the Arise Fashion Collective show on Saturday.

And now onto some of my fave models!
Ethiopian beauty Liya Kebede was present at the Arise Fashion Collective as well. She looked fresh-faced and stunning as I caught up with her backstage.
On the left is my favorite top model newcomer - Ms. Sessilee Lopez! I caught up with her after the Arise show before she headed off, and her model-off-duty look was so fab, I had to take a shot of it. Another one of my faves and a true legend in the industry, Veronica Webb, was also glowing backstage.

For more celeb sightings and my own street chic snapshots, check my album HERE.

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  1. It was so lovely to meet you at the blogger conference yesterday. I hope you had a wonderful evening.

  2. Looks like you had an awesome time! Your enthusiasm about NYFW was addictive, I always looked forward to your tweets. :)

  3. Sessilee Lopez and Liya Kebede are two of my absolute faves! so jealous!