Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cover Girls: Janet in Wonderland

I know you probably thought - "She means Alice," but alas it's our fave - Ms. Jackson (if 'ya nasty!)

She holds the premiere spread in Wonderland magazine, slated for release this Friday, February 5th. 

I'm absolutely in love with this spread. The looks, the flawless makeup, the photography...gives me chills!

What's the verdict yall? Fierce or Foolish?
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  1. Thank you for giving me my Janet fix. She looks fabulous as usual and I love that leather jacket she's wearing in the next to last photo.

    If I can look that good in my 40's I'll be a very happy woman.

    Love the blog!!

  2. love love love the leather cropped jacket...and the skirt...so glad they did them beautifully...separate! lol

  3. Janet looks amazing, the photographer and stylist did a great job!