Friday, February 19, 2010

LBS Fashion Week Coverage: Aston Mozie/Gemela Amor by Coco & Breezy

 This show had to be my favorite of the entire week. Was it under the tents? No. It was at The Gates on 8th Ave and it was absolutely FAB in every sense of the word. The designers of Aston Mozie - Quinn Aston & Ugo Mozie (a sweetheart I met last week during Honeymag's Model City shoot), put on an absolutely fantastic show with their edgy futuristic designs and leather pocketed vests.

 Alongside Aston Mozie were the acclaimed 19 year old twins by the name of Coco and Breezy
 If you're an NYC party-hopper or socialite, you've probably seen these twins around. You literally can't miss them. You can spot them from a mile away. Their presence is unmistakable and apparently so are their amazing eyewear designs. The twins' Fall 2010 Collection of Gemela Amor was out of this world and I guarantee you everybody and their mama's mama will be wearing these shades come fall - mark my words!

All in all, the show was flawless. Notables like Diggy Simmons were in the building, though I didn't have the pleasure of meeting him. Oh, let's not forgot about the BOMB V.I.P. bags they put together. The twins made specialty eyewear for each individual bag. I can't wait to wear mine! Anyway, check out the twins at their awesome blog - Coco & Breezy and check out Aston Mozie's blog as well. These kids are going somewhere FAST.

Check out my write-up on the Aston Mozie/Coco & Breezy show for Honeymag as well!
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