Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sick Site Spotlight: TheWalkMagazine.com

(Spring/Summer 09 Cover Shoot)
I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely LOVE to see when things I've helped to create or mold go on to being even bigger and better after I leave. I've always been a fashion addict, and much of my precious time in college was spent as Senior Fashion editor of UPenn's first and only fashion magazine - The WALK. I started out as an assistant fashion editor on the founding staff in 2006, then went on spending the rest of my college years as a Senior Fashion editor. It was my pride and joy and I absolutely loved it...

 (styling models during my last photoshoot)
We grew from begging boutiques to let us borrow clothes, to being a well-known fashion journalism presence in Philadelphia. Many boutique connects and slaved-over issues later, we're like the Vogue of Philly! Anyway, just as the publishing industry has evolved from being a mainly print-based industry to being web-based and blog heavy, so has the illustrious WALK Magazine. Please pay a visit to my alma mater's site, TheWalkMagazine.com (especially if you're philly-based or visit often)...

They've got fashion updates, sale alerts, and you can even view a digital copy of their latest print issue. This magazine changed my life and gave me the background experience I needed to really pave my way in the industry. Just goes to show how hard work and dedication ALWAYS pays off...
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