Monday, February 15, 2010

Fashion Week Special Report: ARISE Fashion Collective

 This post is dedicated completely to the Arise Fashion Collective as I believe they need special recognition and placement on LoveBrownSugar. Let me start by saying that the three collections shown - Black Coffee, Loin Cloth & Ashes, and Deola Sagoe were all innovative, intriguing and beautifully done. The Tent at Bryant Park was buzzing with smells of incense-touched kente, greetings in african languages & dialects, and exhaustive shades of beautiful brown faces surrounding the runway. I was in heaven. Here's my recap of the collections:

Black Coffee Fall 2010
The Black Coffee collection was a great collection of structured dresses and coats in muted pastel colors. I loved the cocoon-like shapes and layering of the pieces. (Peep Chanel Iman serving face on the left!)

Loin Cloth & Ashes Fall 2010
The Loin Cloth & Ashes collection was less structured and featured some really great traditional fabrics. I adored her funky slim-fitted trousers. She also had some beautiful draped dresses.

Deola Sagoe Fall 2010
Deola Sagoe's designs were delightfully fitted and feminine for her Fall collection. The shapes were varied and eclectic and I loved the unexpected cutouts and exaggerated shapes in so many of her dresses. Very chic pieces with an ethnic twist.


 For more pics from Arise Fashion collective, browse through my album HERE.

Dare I say the Arise after-party was the highlight of my weekend? Yes, I said it. It was quite possibly the best industry event I've ever been to. Held at the Plaza hotel, the open bar and people-watching would've been enough for me. But add to that menu - surprise mini-concert by Ciara! It made my night. I was front row center and enjoyed every minute. That girl has abs...she works for that money honey.

  Be sure to keep updated with Arise Magazine. I've done some posts on how awesome they are! And for more pictures from the after-party, visit my album HERE.
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