Monday, August 16, 2010

Cover Girls: Halle Berry for Vogue September Issue

This month's issue of Vogue is being graced by the one and only Halle Berry. As the first woman of color to grace the September Issue of Vogue since 1989, I'm absolutely ecstatic that her face will be on newsstands this coming month. It's interesting to see how far we, as minority women, have come in the fashion industry but we still have SO much progress still hanging in the balance. The fact that Vogue hasn't had a black woman on it's September issue cover in 21 years is proof that we still have a long way to go. Here's what Ms. Berry had to say about it...

On being asked to shoot Vogue's September Issue:
"What that means for a woman of color and what that means in the fashion world, what that means to pop culture, there was no way I could say, 'No, I'm not going to be on the biggest issue of the year.'"

On breaking her 3 year hiatus from press:
"I was burned-out with having other people tell the story about me that they wanted to tell,'' Berry claims. "I told my publicist, 'I'm not going to talk anymore. I'm just going to live my life and be who I am'."

On her break-up with longtime boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry:
“I don’t think I’m unlike a lot of people. I am just someone who is trying to find that mate, and I think it’s a really hard thing to do,” Berry said. “I am not willing to stay somewhere where I am not really happy. And I am not willing to pretend I am for the kid’s sake or so that I don’t have to go through another public humiliation.”

Vogue's September issue hits newsstands on August 24th. For full article and photoshoot, pick up a copy, or check Vogue.com for updates.

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  1. That's crazy that they haven't had a black woman on their cover since the 80s!!!...they're waaaay behind the times!..at least they're finally trying to get their act together by having Halle on their cover.

    She looks really cute in this issue..I'm definitely going to support this issue by picking up one so that they will [hopefully] see high sales from this issue and include more of us on the cover in the future...

  2. I am glad that Halle is gonna be on the cover of this issue. Since I've been a subscriber black women on the cover are few & far between. The last one was Beyonce or Michelle right? Anyway, I think the reason there's been no black women on the cover is because Anna Wintour was harshly criticized for "putting a black girl on the cover of the sept issue" which she states in the Sept Issue documentary. So she was prolly scared to break the status quo but now that she's a powerhouse, she can do whatever she wants because she's done too much for Vogue for them to fire her. Anyway, it's time for mainstream mags to recognize our beauty!

  3. yes so happy to see halle on the cover! It's also refreshing to hear from her again...i'm honestly bored of the recycling of the same set of women on the top magazine covers

  4. Halle looks great! can't wait to read the full article! (anyone notice the anna wintour hair?)

  5. Halle ALWAYS looks beautiful but this cover lacks any innovation. Sometimes I feel like US Vogue editors are too lazy. I understand that crazy, unique covers don't sell in Middle America, but in the name of fashion, change it up US Vogue!