Monday, August 2, 2010

Fierce or Foolish: Alicia Keys Gets Married in Vera Wang

This weekend, R&B songstress and everyone's favorite "love to hate" producer Swizz Beats got married in Corsica - a small island off the coast of France and Italy. Most important question of the day: What did Alicia wear?! Feast your eyes on her grecian Vera Wang...

I'm loving the grecian effect and the jeweld headpiece is SO Alicia.

Here's the bride with her parents. I think this dress was a perfect fit for the baby bump but still captured her fun and ethereal essence.

I love the one-shoulder action going on here. And the chiffon overlay is definitely a nice touch.

What do you guys think overall? Too early for these two to get married? Was it just because of the upcoming baby? Sound off below!

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  1. I think she is a fool. I thought she was smarter than this. How you get him is how you lose them. Didn't she just accompany him to a paternity test for a two-year old? Didn't Mashonda lose her first child over stress bc he got another woman pregnant at the same time? I can't. And all the young girls are saying you can't help when you fall in love. (Which is what makes me most angry...) Our youth is so misguided. Rant over...

  2. I am happy for her, when I saw her last before she told the media I knew she was pregnant. She was a glow! There are way to many logical & emotional reasons to be disappointed with her. But at the end of the day it's her life, we all make mistakes. Life is about how we manage those mistakes. Living in fear and avoiding things because they could turn out wrong would be rather boring. Take a leap of faith.

  3. As a woman I have a hard time finding respect for any woman who'd date a man who is married. As a woman of faith, I don't believe the line 'we are already over'... If you are still MARRIED, problems or not, you are still married!

    The fact there are so many (women in particular) waiting to snatch up an unavialable guy, while still married, I am sure contributes to the fact that marriages don't work out! If you have a new situation (that of course will be happier... it's new!) to jump into why do the hard work of keeping the marriage you already have together?

    It's not a judgement on her but women always feel 'we are different'. Having said that... There are marriages born this way that, unfortunately, last. I say unfortunate because a lifetime together doesn't erase the fact that many people may have been hurt in the process and that affections were still born the wrong way!

    If proper boundaries are set, FRIENDS don't have the opportunity to grow into more than that!

    Alas it's her life! But to look at how many available black women there are who made a commitment and see these men break them for someone they feel looks better or is better is sad! Leaving MORE single black households with children in the process! Sad!

    We've all made mistakes though... Even I dated a seperated man once... Never again!!! EVER!!!

  4. I think everyone needs to stop being so judgmental and mind theirs. These are grown people. I'm sure if people had a microscope on our lives like we do on their, people would have something to say too.

    We don't know what Swizz and Mashonda's relationship REALLY was, except for what the media tells us... They're married now, they love each other, and they should be left alone.

    At the end of the day do any of our opinions even matter?


  5. I’ll stick with the question at hand and ignore the moral aspects of their relationship; she looked fierce! I’m not crazy about the headband, but the Grecian inspired gown is absolutely beautiful on her.