Monday, September 6, 2010

UPDATE: Elle Picks & More at H&M

 So after spotting all the cutesy "Elle Picks" at H&M, I went back and decided to try a few of them on, as well as a  few other items. Tried some, loved some, bought some. So is the story of my shopping life...

 I'm not the nautical type, but I tried this sweater on because it felt super soft to the touch. The cowl neck makes for an interesting twist to an otherwise fashion staple and the thin stripes were pretty flattering as well.

Spotted this cluster of bangles in the jewelry section and of course, the romantic in me was instantly drawn to these florals.

 This wooden ring was an eye catcher for me too. Loved the intricate design and it has a vintage quality to it.

I love getting more bang for my buck. This packet of brooches were a steal at $12.95. Pins and brooches are huge once again for Fall, so I'll definitely be stocking up.

The hipster chick on this tee was too cool to pass by without staring at. Would I be weird for rocking a tee with a picture of myself on the front, like Prince at the BET Awards this year? Hmm...

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  1. i want to go shopping now! lol

  2. I love the pins and Brooches....I might have to make a stop!