Friday, September 10, 2010

LBS Street Chic: NYFW Day 1

 With fashion week in full swing, and the tents buzzing with industry insiders, you're bound to see amazing outfits on the streets outside Lincoln Center. Here's a taste of what I saw on Day 1...

Elaine, Style & Beauty Editor, Ebony Magazine
I stopped this lovely lady named Elaine Welteroth in front of the steps of Lincoln Center because her outfit was so cute! Love the high-waisted look, and her shoes are bomb...
Can't go wrong with lace-up booties. Heavy contender for Shoe Candy, no?

Fashion Editor, ??
So I didn't catch this young lady's name or affiliation, but I did capture her amazing outfit. She mentioned that she was a fashion editor (I believe for Harper's or Glamour), evidenced by her amazing outfit. You guys know I'm a fan of leopard print...

Joy, Fashion Blogger, JoyLovesFashion.com
Can you tell she's a fellow fashion blogger? This young diva caught my eye with her standout harem pants (again, I'm a lover of animal print). 

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  1. Yes those pants are THE BUSINESS!!! and I love mixing the print with colors like teal, red, pink and green!!!

  2. Oh I absolutely LOVE those pants! Gorgeous!!