Friday, September 24, 2010

'Fit Room Flicks: H&M September '10 Lineup

Sales people are evil. Sometimes you really just need some good friends by your side to let you know what pieces work and what outfits need to stay on the rack. Sadly though, you don't always have your best buds with you on impromptu shopping trips.  Next best thing to a good friend? A digital camera. So I can share all these looks with you loves! And you can tell me what looks good, and what looks a hot damn mess...
From left: Striped top, $14.95. Army green tunic, $24.95, Striped oxford, $24.95
 So the first top on the left was super comfy and I really did love the stripes. I know I can be "bland betty" sometimes and stick to the neutral colors, but my turquoise chain really popped against the black and white. And at $15, what a steal! The tunic in the middle stood out to me for it's mesh detailing on the shoulders and front pocket. I'm also in love with army green now - big trend for fall 2010! And the oxford on the right was my fave. It had the perfect fit, went well those fitted slacks I tried on and it was just "me".

So I bought it! I plan on tucking it into some boyfriend jeans with bright colored jewelry and tall wedges.

From left: Cinched dress, $29.99, Lace shoulder dress, $29.99, Red tiered cocktail dress, $39.99
I tried on a few fall dresses as well, but I wasn't super stoked about any.of these. The cinched dress on the far left was a cute neutral piece; a good basic to layer with scarves, tights, fringe vests and other goodies for the season. I'm a sucker for lace, so the tunic in the middle had me at hello. But something about the draping didn't sit right with me so I left it hanging. And with the red dress, I really loved the color but it was kind of flat on me. I'd have to really spruce up the accessories on this one.

Attention: images of the following dress may cause tears of joy...(At least it did for me)
Above: Cocktail dress, $49.95
Cue the Carl Thomas ballad, "It was...love at first sight....I know...from the way she looked at me"

I.Am.In.Love. It doesn't happen that often but when it does, I don't question it. I think with my heart, run to the cash register and purchase! Absolutely in love with this dress and it's versatility. It's 3/4 length, shorter in back than in front and if I wanted I could easily tuck the straps in or pin up the sides for a different look!

What do you guys think about my final choices? Yayy or nayy?

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  1. Why Lawd have you not blessed Tennessee with a H&M store? Why Jesus? Cute picks! I'm jealous that you were at an H&M. Consider yourself envied!!!!


  2. The first tripple pic, the one to the left right there looked real fresh. And the other tripple pic yet again the one to the left, that dress looked real dope

  3. @Coy Wow there are no H&M stores in Tennessee? We need to start a petition! Yikes, I can't imagine my life without an H&M within a 5 mile radius!

    @John I know!! I'm contemplating going back for both! :/

  4. Good call over all. Not feeling the lace or red dress. Loooove the last cocktail dress though.

  5. That cocktail dress is a win. I love H&M's fall stuff.

  6. Unfortunately here in Texas we are not blessed with an H&M either! :( So sad! But I think you did wonderful with all your Fall picks. They look great on you!!!


  7. that dress and silver cuff look amazing on you! xo