Monday, August 29, 2011

Fierce: Beyonce In Lanvin (and Preggers!)

So...words can't even express my excitement over Beyonce being preggers! I found out last night on Twitter right after she made the announcement during the VMA pre-show. I feel like she's family and I've been dying to see something pop out of that womb since her and Jay-Z got together back in 2003! 

The crazy thing is, when I went to see her in concert two weeks ago, I didn't notice a thing! She was gliding across the stage in her stilettos like there wasn't anything growing inside of her. Anyway, I'm overly joyed for her and Jay-Z. Everything seems like perfect timing - new album, new baby, new life. Anyway, I thought she looked absolutely stunning in an orange Lanvin gown on the red carpet at the VMAs last night. How fab? 

What do you think of celebratory Lanvin gown - fierce or foolish? I vote fierce, clearly.
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  1. I've never been so happy at baby news....i literally screamed at like 3am when i found out (i'm across the pond)...loved her ensembles x


  2. This baby is the most anticipated baby of the entire decade!!! I feel like I'm more excited for her pregnancy than I would be for me own. She looks stunning too!


  3. My good friend, who is a die-hard Beyonce fan, texted me last night before the VMA's that Beyonce was pregnant. I responded "why are you texting me like she's our cousin or something?!" I am happy for her and Jay, though. I am curious to see who this baby will look like.

  4. fierce! my favorite moment was the look on jays face, pure love!