Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beauty & The Box Braids: Weigh In

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Ever since Poetic Justice-style box braids have come back in style (circa summer 2010), I've toyed with idea of getting them installed. I think they're kinda fly. Aside from the fact that Solange makes almost everything look amazing (her damn blog is so fly), I've seen some really great versatility with these braids on all types of girls.

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 So here are my only hesitations about box braids: A) I'm scared of breakage around the hairline (my baby hairs, lawd my baby hairs!) and B) I'm worried about if these will work in professional settings.

So what do you think? Should I go for them in the New Year? Or is it risky? 

Soundoff below! Tell me what you think...
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  1. I had these braids back in 7th grade and loved them!!! I actually wanted to rock this style again, but I remember them being very heavy, hard to sleep in and like you I am not sure if they would work professionally. But besides all that they are fierce!

  2. @Bajan Beauty I feel like I had them in middle school to but I can't remember lol. And omg they were heavy? Le sigh...still evaluating. Let's see what other folks say. Damn Solange for making me want these!

  3. Go for it!!! There are many updo's you can do for the professional setting. Youtube is covered with tutorials for them. (Ive done a few looks on my blog...check it out...although I have had kinky twists and senegalese twists its the same idea) as far as breakage.

    Have the stylist not braid around your edges "tightly"...and keep your edges AND nape well moisturized. Check out my blog for how I kept my kinky twists up to par.

    I kept my twists in for 7.5 weeks (the longest) and have had 4 different installments in 8.5 months and ive experienced nothing but growth! growth! growth! My hair does not have issues with breakage after taking out the twists...

    I think you should definitely try it. Regular braiding hair. Nothing fancy. Be sure to deep condition your hair BEFORE they are installed and maintain the braids with water (for moisture), leave in conditioner and whatever hair products your hair thrives on.

    As for washing the longer the hair the heavier during wash so you may benefit from dry shampoo.

    MOISTURE MOISTURE MOISTURE!!! if you keep this as key then you dont have to worry about your hair becoming dry, brittle and breaking especially around the edges.

    Have fun! I think you'll look great with them!

    Simple bun
    High bun
    Tucked Ponytail
    Goddess braid straight down
    Fishbone braid straight down
    2 Goddess braids around
    Crown in front (braids hanging in back)
    French roll
    Crown in front (French roll in back)

    All these styles and so much more! The hair is versatile!!!

  4. I am actually rocking some for the second time this year. I LOVE them!!! It's versatile and it saves me 30 minutes in morning of doing hair. And plus it GROWS my hair.

  5. Right before the Summer began I had my cousin hook me up with my Poetic Justice box braids and they looked firece!! Bajan is so right they were too heavy so they were gone within three weeks :( I really did love the look though. As far as having them in a professional setting, I think its just fine. One day for work I wore them in a super high bun and everyone adored the look.

    Editor & Chic

  6. Go for it! I used to rock them all the time growing up lol. As far as being in a professional setting you'll be fine. Just keep them neat and maybe keep the length in check (like, if you do go long, keep them in a bun or a sophisticated up do for the office) there's nothing to worry about.

  7. i agree that professionally, they may not be the best BUT, i am a huge fan of this look. maybe styling them differently will make them look more "professional" (depending on you industry). but hey, why not? you only live once...go for it ;-)


  8. Ok so you guys reeeeaaallly have me leaning towards getting them! Lol

    Thanks so much for the feedback

    @SherryBlossom Thanks for the tips hun! Very good points

    @GangStarr Girl Thanks Starr! Great suggestions. I think what I like about them too is their versatility

    @nic You're right - profession/industry makes a difference. I work in a creative role so it might not be too shabby if I make them look sophisticated :)

  9. I think you should, i'm going to do my own soon. If you're worried about your edges what I've done before if do a very thin part of your edges and then you can spray it down with hairspray or pomade!CHEERS!

  10. I dont see anything wrong with box braids at all. I think when it comes to the workplace though, size and length of the braids should definitely be considered.

    Other than that I say go for it!

  11. Sounds like your mind is made up. I can't wait to see how you rock them. Knowing you it will def be FIERCE!

  12. I just took out my box braids and I miss them already. Like one of the commenters said, tell the braider not to braid too tight around the edges or not braid them at all. You can then gel them down to have a clean look.

    For the workplace a high bun and simple ponytail is always a go to. And outside of the work place, you can play up with them and try different styles which you can check out on youtube, tumblr and other blogs.

    Braid definitely help with growth by farrr. I normally have my braids in for 2-3 months which is normally to long. I think 6-8 weeks is a perfect amount.

    I prefer braids for winter because they are a bit heavy and when down, you can get a bit hot and humid. So for winter, it's the perfect accessory as it can help to keep you warm. If they are long (bellybutton length and longer) and you have them in in the summer, they can be a huge burden).

    For work a very sophisticated length would do. You can have it half way between the bottom of your bossoms and your belly button.

    Braids are a go go go! You wouldn't want to regret not having them in the future as they are such a huge trend now.

    Hope I helped with your choice.


  13. The box braids you shouldnt have to worry about.They do know harm to your hair ,once the braider doesnt do it to tight. I recently had in some, from and inspiration from Solange, and i love it. So do try it ,take a chance. Because over all its just hair it will grow right back. Check my fashion blogspot at www.pixij.blogspot.com/

  14. I absolutely love box braids! I think they will work well in any setting depending on how it's styled. Your baby hairs will be fine lol. I've been wearing them since I was a child and my hairline is wonderful (i dont want to toot my own horn.. but... TOOT TOOT!). Just dont have the braider do it tight (i had a friend who would actually let them leave it out, it was cute and it worked for her). Asl long as you keep your hair moisturized and you wash it, you will be A OK.

    I think you should definitely give it a shot. Maybe start off with the smailler ones first and then work your way up to the bigger ones once you get comfy with it. What I can say also is that the larger box braids dont last as long... keep that in mind.

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  15. I think you should get them. I don't think your current wig is all that flattering and a new hairstyle would be fresh.

  16. I have been really wanting to rock these box braids for a min. Thanks to Solo looking fierce. I tell yall she can endrose something without trying.

  17. GET THEM!!!!! Box braids are so nice! I also like when they begin to look a little fuzzy. Thats a personal choice. BUT DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! And honestly your edges are going to break but use a little castor oil and be very careful with pulling them up in a ponytail.

  18. I've been rocking mine since the start of fall, as a protective style. Which my hair loves. My hair loves not being touched for 2-3 weeks at a time. They look great anywhere. Just a versatile as any other style too.

  19. I think you will enjoy them. They are very fashionable right now and versatile. If you don't like them at least you tried them out!

  20. I have them now & I absolutely LOVE them!

    If you make the sections bigger it will help the edges + tell your stylist to go EASY on the tension when braiding in that area. For the first week go easy on styling so the braids can loosen up some.

    I work in corporate yet fashion industry so its acceptable [cool] but for uber-professional settings, an updo or a braid to the side should work nicely.

    Hope this helps!

    -♥ LC

  21. this is bueatiful feeling box braids at this moment and i googled it and found this page i feel all tingly inside and i just hope it comes out really nice on me ive done braids before but not box braids and i luv the style i see i just want something to last me so im going with the box braids gorgeous pictures by the way

  22. I'm from London and well call them single plait and I have had them occasionally since I was little and they are amazing no waking up early to fix your hair it's effortless and beautiful ans I'm sure it will look great on you XoXo :)

  23. Hey I did the big chop a few weeks ago, my hair is like 2-3 inch & I am considering box braids since it is cold out, what is a normal length for the braids because i don't want them to my butt, but i still want to be able to style them.

  24. Was browsing Google and saw this post from back in 2011. I hope you decided to get those braids, and now you should do it again in 2013! These braids rock. I work a 9 to 5 and they work in a professional setting. I did my own (I'm a Natural Hair Stylist) and I rocked the highly coveted bun up-do for mine and I got so many compliments!!!! So, hope you did it, now, do it again. And if you're ever in Detroit, I'm out here.

    Meah Tweh