Sunday, December 18, 2011

Berry Fly: A New Take on the Statement Lip

It's been a long time since I posted about a beauty fave. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I paid a visit to Sephora a few weeks ago and went HAM on some new beauty treats for winter. One of my purchases was a daring departure from what I'm used to. I bought...wait for it...purple lipstick! It's SEPHORA Collection in Crush 23 ($12) and I love it.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. That sh** cray. But, it's not really. It's actually pretty cool. I'll tell you what influenced my decision:

1. I love red, but I needed something new. You guys all know I love a red lip moment. It gives me life, daily. But I really wanted a way to switch up my statement lip for the new season.

Photo courtesy Meek-N-Mild.com

2. I saw someone else do it. And I loved it! If you guys haven't checked out Shirley Beniang from Meek-n-Mild Blog, please do. She's absolutely amazing and this post she did inspired me to try something new.

3. It works, for multiple skin tones! Ladies (especially my friends of color), don't assume that you have to stick to only neutrals and deep reds. There are a myriad of colors out there to try. Sometimes, it just takes the right person bold enough to do it, for you to think it's ok to try too.

Hopefully this inspires some of you to try something new!

Lips: SEPHORA Collection Rouge Lipcolor in Crush 23, Nails: Nicole by OPI "I'm A Pool For Love" & Ginger & Liz "Swagger".
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  1. color looks great, I usually go for neutrals. But will have to try a little color...

  2. I can see how you fell in love with it. The Sephora Color Rouge collection is fire! I have a deep purple lipstick from that collection as well... The lip colors are super moisturizing and they have a fruity smell. Love it.

  3. I don't usually do color on my lips at all, but I think I may have to try it now. You look great in the purple!


  4. I have been looking for the perfect purple lipstick for a year! I've found some decent ones but nothing that's lived up to my fantasies!

  5. love it! My fave right now is berry haute by Revlon


  7. Love it! Just last week the idea that I need an awesome purple-ish lip color popped into my head and now I'm on the lookout for something great.