Monday, March 11, 2013

3 Ways To Celebrate Being Unique (Daily)

One of the biggest life lessons I’m learning is how to be my biggest fan. LoveBrownSugar is all about celebrating our lifestyles, embracing what society has typically told us was not beautiful and proving to the world (and to ourselves) that we’re beautiful beings. Of course, all this is easier said than done. Even someone with the highest level of confidence has those small moments when they absolutely despise the little quirks that make them different from the masses. As someone who highly relies on daily reminders, I thought I would share with you guys three ways I celebrate my uniqueness, daily:

1. Don’t Follow Trends (Make Them)
As much as I write and research trends and the latest runway fashions, I’m far from trend-obsessed. I celebrate personal style and not everyone who follows runway trends is actually stylish from my perspective. Just because a designer sends something down the runway, doesn’t mean I’m going to love it or it will look good on me. I wear things that make me happy! The dress I'm wearing above is 5 years old! And I paid less than $25 for it. I still wear it because I love it. When you live life according to your own rules and not everyone else’s, it’s freeing. I celebrate my unique tastes daily by expressing myself through fashion. I wear what I like, not what the world tells me to like.

2. Embrace Your Body (Don’t Cover It Up)
Whether you have curves for days or you have a petite boyish frame, you should embrace what you were blessed with daily! Want to know a secret? As much as you loathe your body type, somebody out there in the world wishes they had what you have! Believe it or not, the same things we were blessed with and we take for granted, somebody else covets. So instead of drowning yourself in all-black everything to disguise those things you view as imperfections, embrace them. Celebrate what makes you different. Because someone out there who sees you on the street, at the market, or on the train is secretly celebrating for you.

3. Do Something Silly (Crack Yourself Up)
Laughter is therapeutic. Not only does it burn calories (woot!) but being in a happier mood can improve your overall health. So you tripped up the stairs on the way to work? Laugh about it! Feeling like a morning music party in your PJ’s? Go for it! Life is way too short to let those little moments of bliss pass by. 

The folks over at BlogHer introduced me to this super cute Facebook app/game called Facestrument. You can pretty much do this from anywhere where there’s a computer with a webcam installed. The app turns your face into a musical instrument allowing you to wink, blink, nod, and smile to the beat of your favorite song. So hilarious. It works great as a midday pick-me-up at the office - just make sure your boss isn’t watching!

When all is said and done, you were fearfully and wonderfully made, so embrace what makes you unique and different because there’s only one you! And that’s definitely something to smile about.
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  1. THANK YOU. You are so on point. This post is so needed in the fashion blogosphere.

    1. Thanks Tara for taking the time to read it! And I agree, we need more self-love & positivity from the blogosphere.

  2. I love this! We need to realize that it's ok to be you.