Friday, March 15, 2013

LBS Exclusive [VIDEO]: Braxton Family Values Season 3 Premiere

On Wednesday night here in NYC, chic downtown venue STK was packed with celebrities, fans and of course, the larger-than-life Braxtons. You guys know from our last interview with the sisters that their our favorite group of reality sisters. Toni, Traci, Tamar, Towanda and Trina along with Mama Evelyn, hosted a party in celebration of their 3rd season of Braxton Family Values that aired last night at 9pm on WEtv.

Check out our exclusive video below:

DJ Kiss, currently our favorite female DJ, didn't let us down one bit. She played all the right tunes as guests sipped on signature cocktails while waiting for The Braxtons and other celebrity guests to arrive.

Everyone from Queen B (Lil Kim) to Angela Simmons and even Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams were in attendance to support the sisters. Once the Braxtons arrived, we wasted no time hoping to get a taste of their spunky, over the top personalities.

Tamar who just the day before revealed that she is pregnant, dished on what we all were wondering. What does her pregnancy means for her music? 

"Let me clear something up. Just because I have a love on top, does not mean my album is not coming out. It’s still coming out this year,” explained Tamar Braxton.

Another bit of juice came from Traci Braxton, who WEtv has confirmed is no longer "the wannabe" but instead the “wildcard.”

She chatted with us about what we will see from her this season and let’s just say, she’s riding two wheelers. She said “You’re gonna see me with my motorcycling club!” Given what we've seen from Traci in the past, she'll have us laughing something serious for sure.

We love the Braxtons because they're so relatable and like any sisters, Towanda says “There are some days we don’t like each other, but we do love each other.”After last night's premiere, it's obvious we’re in for another crazy season.
- Makisha Timothy

Video shot & edited by Sharifa S. Daniels

Did you tune in to the premiere? Do you love the Braxtons? Soundoff below!

For more info on Braxton Family Values, check out their page on WeTV.com 

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