Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nike Gladiator Sneaks??

So I ran across a new product as I was catching up on my blogs. Nitrolicious posted yesterday about this new product out of the Nike Factory - gladiator sandal-sneakers! Supposedly, an Art Center College student named Nancy Wu designed these bad boys for Nike. Her design was chosen and voila! The design is called the Nike Gladiateur Mid. At first glance, I thought they were atrocious:

Who would dare mix these two VERY different styles of shoe - sneakers AND gladiator flats? I thought that was doing too much...

But then, I saw pics of Ms. Nitrolicious wearing a pair of the Nike gladiators she recently purchased for herself. And they're actually pretty cute on the foot!

That just goes to show that you have to try stuff on before you make judgments. I might have to try these on in-store to convince myself that I need them. On one hand they mix comfort and style, which is something we all strive for in one product right? But then again...Nike fashion shoes? Might have to get over the idea that they're Nike first...

If you're interested you can purchase a pair at Zappos - they're $84.00
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  1. at first glance i was like UH uh lol but then on the foot they're actually really cute! lol i'd definitely wear these!