Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Retail is Actually Therapy

Ever have a hard day at school or work and feel the sudden need to buy a new pair of shoes? Boyfriend broke it off with you and you feel the need to "remake" yourself with a brand new wardrobe? I been there girl...and although we love to do it, it's actually not very good for your closet. It makes you feel good temporarily but then you're stuck with the aftermath - an outrageous credit card bill and countless outfits that you don't need. Because you've purchased them in an irrational state of mind, you didn't actually need them. You just wanted them at that moment to ease your pain and these items now simply take up space in your closet.

Well, I read an amazing article over at Clutch Mag that highlights some of the reasons we tend to hold onto unnecessary items in our own closets. I won't spoil the article but I will share with you their 5 Tips for Successfully Cleaning Out Your Closet. It's now officially Fall, so if you haven't done it already, don't let another weekend go by without doing your Closet Cleaning!

1) Place every item into one of four piles: “Keep”, “Trash”, “Donate”, or “Sell”.
Items that are outdated, but still clean and in good condition can be donated to women who really need them, via organizations such as the Women’s Alliance and Dress for Success. Your local Goodwill or Salvation Army are also excellent options.

Items that are still in great condition, but aren’t your size or style anymore might be just the thing that someone else has been looking for! Sell high-ticket items on Ebay, and take others to cash-in-hand consignment shops such as Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet.

2) Invite a friend.
Lord knows we will tell ourselves anything to justify holding on to a favorite piece of clothing. Thus, by having a friend – or chaperone, for that matter – present while you’re cleaning up, there’s always someone there to pluck you in the forehead and bring you back down to reality.

Remember the closet-cleaning scene in Sex & The City Movie? Her girls were there for her!

3) Host a “Shop-n-Swap” Party.
Invite all your girlfriends over to swap gently used clothing, shoes, accessories. Sip on cocktails, laugh it up, and have fun, all while cleaning up and getting some new items! Besides, you know you’ve been eyeing homegirl’s bracelet since she got it last Christmas and she never wears it. Offer her that belt she’s always asking to borrow, and you just might be in luck!

4) Have a garage or yard sale.
If you want to avoid Ebay’s selling fees, or splitting the profits with a consignment shop, do things the old school way. Set up shop in your front lawn or garage and price things as you see fit. Negotiate with your frugal neighbors until the price is right.

5) Rule of thumb: If the item hasn’t seen the light of day in more than a year (or two, only under such extenuating circumstances as pregnancy or illness), let it go! You’re never gonna wear it again. And remember not to throw away duds in good condition! Someone less fortunate could use them. Check here for tips on donating old clothing.

Happy Cleaning!
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